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I hereby request people who have had either very good results (healings and/or robust health) or very poor results (health problems) on a raw vegan diet to briefly write-up their experience and mail it to me.
I am doing research for a book in which I will publish an unbiased study on the experiences people have had with the diet. This book will include any reports of great healings and robust health, but will also include reports of people apparently crippled or whose death seems to have been related to the diet. If any of you know people who fall into either category, please request that they send me their story.

I feel that an unbiased study and report needs to be done. Let me explain why.

My own experience with raw foods is as follows. When 17, I met an elderly Essene man who was a raw fooder who ate dairy. He became my mentor and I followed his diet. We made raw yogurts and other fermented dairy products from mostly goat and sheep milk from animals well taken care of. (With fermented dairy the lactose is predigested and does not cause mucous and is very digestible.) I ate that diet for many years and was very healthy. Then, due to my attraction to the philosophy of veganism, I became a vegan raw fooder.

I never felt as healthy on that version of the diet and after five years on that version I lost the use of my feet and was nearly crippled. I had to crawl to the bathroom. I had my blood tested and was B-12 anemic. I began taking B-12 and eating dairy. The B-12 healed my nerve problems, but I believe it was the protein in the fermented dairy that healed my feet and muscle tissue. (On the vegan version my muscle tissue seemed to be eating itself; after adding the yogurt my muscle tissue healed itself.)

Since my negative experience as a raw vegan I have been on the mostly raw with fermented dairy version another five years and feel fantastic. Thus, all together I have eaten the raw with dairy diet 15 years, always feeling fantastic and being physically fit. The five years as a raw vegan resulted in my body falling apart.

While I was a vegan I preached that philosophy with great fervor. I truly believed it was the best diet. Whenever I heard a raw vegan or cooked vegan describe health problems that they experienced on the vegan diet, I chalked it up to either
1) They are just detoxing; or,
2) They are not following the diet correctly.
But after my own negative experience as a raw vegan I began to honestly open my eyes. The following is a synopsis of what I found.

Because I was by this time a "noted raw food speaker" and intimate with other famous raw food speakers/experts, I was often at their homes and getting to know them. I found that many of these noted speakers/experts/authors were experiencing anxiety attacks, panic attacks, clinical depression, and various muscle tissue problems and other problems.

However, what was most troubling, is that they didn't want the public to know. I won't name names because that would be betraying confidential interactions, but many of them called me when they were needing some sort of advice for dealing with these ailments. Then, at the next big raw food conference, there that person would be, preaching the amazing benefits of the 100% raw vegan diet, signing copies of their books, and speaking negatively about cooked food eaters and those who eat only partially raw or are not vegan.

This was a major eye-opener for me. I realized that once a person is earning their livelihood and getting their "positive strokes" by being an author/expert on the raw/vegan diet, it is very hard for them to admit that the diet is not working in their own life. It would mean that their own books were no longer valid, and they would need to find another way to earn their livelihood.

But there is another reason that raw food author/experts (as well as the non-famous raw vegans) do not publicly admit their problems with the diet. Because people have been shamed into not admitting their hardships on this diet, each one believes they are the only one having the problem. This is especially true with anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and depression. I have been in a room with seven raw food experts and had personal knowledge that five of them had been struggling with those problems, and yet each of them thought they were the only one. Because I am a minister, many of these folks felt comfortable enough to seek counseling from me, but would not feel comfortable mentioning their problems to others. I once lived in a house with several raw food vegans. Every one of them ended up with nervous disorders such as panic attacks. One of them went on a raw food chat board and asked if it might be due to the diet and perhaps they should take B-12. The moderator of that chat board wrote back saying that the diet is perfectly fine and they were just going through detox. However, I was a personal friend of that moderator and so I knew what the other people on the chat board did not know: I knew that the moderator himself was suffering from terrible panic attacks and was even considering suicide (he had confided that to me, but on the chat board he moderated he still preached the party line: all problems are just detox).

I then read an issue of Chet Day's Health and Beyond newsletter in which former students of T. C. Fry wrote in and described how they had become crippled following his diet. I read another interview in that mag of a Natural Hygienist doctor who said that health problems "invariably" result in a 100% raw vegan diet.

Then, in a town very near me, one of the founding members of the local raw food group died at a very young age from heart problems. My guess is he was about 49 or so. The doctor told his wife that the man's body had begun to eat itself and destroyed his heart due to malnutrition. His body had not been getting enough nutrition on the raw vegan diet, as he did not absorb enough nutrients from raw foods. When his wife shared that info with the members of that raw food support group, she was told "the doctor is wrong. And if you are going to speak negatively about raw foods you are no longer welcome to attend." That was the support she got when her husband had just dropped dead.

I then told a woman from a California raw food support group that story. She responded, "Oh, we just had a guy die from the very same thing. The doctors said his body had begun to eat itself due to malnutrition. I began to wonder how prevalent these sorts of problems really are.

I could go on and on reporting similar things. But suffice it to say that I now believe there are problems with the raw vegan diet. And now that I have begun to share this sort of information, I am getting the exact response I have seen others get when they shared such info: brushed aside with some sort of negative remark.

Here is what I have decided to do. I am soliciting peoples experiences, good and bad, with this diet. I am doing a research project. It will be unbiased. In three years or so I will publish the results.

Last remark: I still think raw foods are great! I have thrived on a raw diet with yogurt for 15 years. I have friends who have thrived equally long including eggs in their raw diet. So, I am not against raw foods, I am in favour of them, but now believe their is something missing in the vegan form of the diet.

I guess it is appropriate that, as an Essene, I now find myself supporting the version of the diet given by Jesus in the Essene Gospel of Peace (raw diet with dairy). When I was a raw food vegan I was embarrassed by Jesus including raw dairy in the diet. Now I realize he knew what he was doing!


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    What is the premise of the book? It seems you have one already , but I wonder if it establishes a bias (most things do).  

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    Hello Harmony, I'm actually not the author. If you go to the link at the top you can read the full interview. I think his goal is to have a wide sample of experiences on the raw lifestyle. As you can see, he needed raw goat dairy to make it work for him. I've read several other interviews with Natural Hygienists (a type of naturopathic Drs) who found they and their patients did better on an almost fully raw program if they included some raw dairy or lightly cooked eggs. It seems the vegan version of raw poses problems if carried out for more than a few years or months depending on one's stores of various vitamins and minerals that are eventually depleted by being raw vegan, or even cooked vegan.

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    I should explain how I got into raw and how I found the Natural Hygiene movement. I found the YouTube channel of Dr Morse, an iridologist, herbalist, naturalpath based in Florida. He has been having very impressive results for several decades by putting people on a raw vegan diet supplemented with herbal remedies. I felt really inspired after watching many of these videos and started looking further into the raw movement. He mentions the Natural Hygienists a lot so I finally searched out their website online. Ironically, they no longer advise raw veganism, rather they recommend a raw vegetarianism or paleo diets, still with a high percentage of raw produce but with some animal foods. This surprised me a lot. My new understanding from all this and my own experience going raw, is that it's actually highly effective short term for cleansing but potentially dangerous long term and very dangerous for moms and children who have a greater need for animal foods.

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    Fruits ( Vitamins )
    Veggies ( Vitamins and minerals )
    Nuts ( Fat - For Brain )
    Coconut oil ( Fat - For brain )
    Raw Eggs ( Protein/Far - For rebuilding muscles )

    Diary ( Fat/Protein - Important Vitamins )

    You obtain all what you need, in terms of nutrients..

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