Coming back to raw after six years away.

AnastasiaAnastasia Raw Intermediate

Hello! I first found raw in 2006. I was working full time and going to school part time. We moved in with family, I started school full time and work part time. Eventually the cost of raw was too much on our small budget and space was VERY limited. I eventually had to give up being mostly raw. I kept at my smoothies. Eventually my cheap blender broke and I stopped completely. I kept up with eating salads and raw fruits and veggies. So by the end of 2009 I was back to almost the old eating style.

Fast forward to now. Finished school, got a real job, gained a ton of weight, we bought a house. I work out of my house now.

And within the next year we want to start a family finally.

So here I am wanting to get back to the health I had. :D


  • Cynthia V.Cynthia V. Raw Jr. Leader

    It sounds like you have good reason to want to get healthy.  Think of the children you want to have and decide to do them a favor and get your health under control.  They will need a physically fit mom who can keep up with them.  They need a mom who will be around well in to old age.   It seems like that is far away, doesn't it? But healthy habits have to start somewhere. Good luck on your journey.

  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    Welcome back to eating raw!


  • Cynthia V.Cynthia V. Raw Jr. Leader

    Whoops! I selected the wrong heading ,...sorry for all the caps!

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Do you have room for a garden at your house? Fresh veggies growing in the garden (I love freshly picked snow peas!) are a huge incentive to stay raw. smile

  • Cynthia V.Cynthia V. Raw Jr. Leader

    I keep a garden on my deck. I tried to grow things in the ground but they fell prey to deer and slugs.  So on my deck I grow three or four veggies and some herbs every year.  In past years, as I have become more and more disabled, I have had a smaller garden.  And each year, I say it's  my last. LOL  And it never is.

  • AnastasiaAnastasia Raw Intermediate
    So more bad life events occurred after this post, and I never got back to raw. Now I'm a few weeks back in. I've lost 3 pounds Already. :) I missed it. This time it doesn't seem as easy only because I'm not as obsessed with finding out information like I was 10 years ago. Not to mention the main website I used is no longer in existence. :( Annnnd we moved so I'm not close to the stores I used. So I have to improvise. This time though there's! My macadamia nuts came in yesterday. The cashews should come in today FINALLY as I need them for ranch dressing. And the walnuts are in limbo. :/ My husband is doing the keto diet so the fridge is very interesting. :D
  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Amazon has saved me a few times! 

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