New Raw Vegan, analyze my diet please

I am 25 years old, in great shape, and a distance runner, hiker, camper, backcountry type, backpacker, surfer, etc. I am 170 pounds of lean muscle. I have unlimited self control (easy when I don’t really like junk food/sweets either). I have been vegan for two weeks, and just started raw today. I checked out carol alts book, and I plan on going to a nutritionist and getting blood work done after a few months of this diet.

Here is my diet today:

Wakeup… kashi go lean cereal (what do i replace this with, it’s not raw?) banana grapes

a few hours later… large ammount of germinated black beans with homemade fresh all raw salsa

a few hours later after a run… apple golean soy bean protein powder with almond nut milk

dinner… large amount of germinated black beans with homemade fresh all raw salsa bowl of broccoli with carrots with a half lime squeezed over it

later i am going for a long ten mile walk…after… golean soy bean protein powder with almond nut milk slices of avocodo

that is my first day. what am i missing? i am looking to keep learning and plan on buying living foods or whatever that famous raw book is called in a few weeks.

so if anyone can give me ideas of things to eat/prepare, ways to balance my diet and get everything that i need daily etc—that would really help a newbie raw vegan in getting started on a lifelong healthy diet. the self control is simple. the ideas for what to eat—that is the tough part.

Thanks in advance, The Outsider.


  • Get your hands on a copy of “Nature’s First Law” by David Wolfe, Stephen Arlin and Fouad Dini. Its is by far the best raw book I have read and explains everything you need to know regarding the theories of raw foodism.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Welcome man and get hold on to your ass, raw is gonna change your’re life! Lay off the soy powder and replace it with some hemp protein. Eat more fruit, because it is the best source of energy and eat some greens. I am fruitarian so I mostly suggest you get a good dose of fresh fruits. Dont eat so many dried fruits and nuts and mainly stick to the avocado because they are easier on the stomach. Ask Nagev about the nuts and dried fruit :) A things you could also try out are young coconuts and their water, goji berries,flax seeds and oil, cacao, and maca powder. David Wolfe is awesome and his books should def be read. As for Steven Arlin, Im not so sure about him. I have seen a picture of him and whatever raw food he is eating I dont want it. Here are some things to buy some of the more rare products.

    If you have any other questions dont hesitate to ask. You can either talk to me on here or by email.


  • another great product to check out

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