unbakery fun at the 1st market

HI all, thought i would share my first experience at the market with my goodies. It was a good day and i was suprised to tell the truth as this was a bazaar and not a traditional farmers market.( i was the only food vendor) I was limited as according to code, i could not serve any food out of packages so i didnt get to give out samples or do the tacos or tea sandwiches i wanted to….any way I sold out of 6 of the 11 things offered! I have to laugh out loud when i think of some of the conversations i had. My three favs: little old lady( about 100years old or so it seemed) walking very slowly with her cane, first says “ugh ! health food!” then moves down the table and pats my BTR nuts and says “oh, these are good, i can eat these!” haha then a tourist couple from texas, that are the caricature of texas tourists here in CA( they where from bueamont,TX) Buys a package of my cr-onion bread) eat three peices of it while at my booth exclaiming how happy they where to have tried “traditional,crazy california cuisine” and feeling good about eating healthy before they go to dinner to eat “crap” as the hubby so eloquently put it! hahaha i never even thought they would stop at my booth let alone buy!!!then the coup de gras was my neighbor vendor, daniel from new zealand with his great accent says “you got anything for lunch?” i show him the stuff and he says “oh f@#&!”( makes a hideous face) and goes and gets himself a hot dog with the works from 711….he was fit and dreadlocked and looked like he should eat at least vegitarian but was a chain smoker and junk food addict!!!! amazing! the beauty of youth!!!!! hahahaha anyhow pics on my web site, it was a good day. next market september 8th and its a real food market! yahoo! back to the kitchen now as there is a big yoga school delivery monday! no rest for the wicked! thanks for letting me share!


  • Hhheeeeyyyy CONGRATS Omshanti!!! Sounds like you were a huge hit (with the exception of new zealand-hot dog-guy) The little old lady cracks me up!! So many people dream of “doing it” and so few achieve it.. I’m really happy for you… Good luck on the 8th and with the yoga school.. Keep us informed.. K-Mom

  • Ha Ha! That is so funny! But what an awesome situation to have you be the only vender! Way to go! Can you give us your website again?

  • you rule!!!

  • hey! thanks guys!!!! my website is www.granolasspecialtyfoods.com

    the only food vendor thing was nothing on my part really! I simply talked my way in there cause the farmers markets are booked solid for end of summer!!! Besides i have to take my food handlers safety class for orange county…can you believe that crock of crap? i have to be certified per county, to the tune of 150 bucks EACH CO. even though i unbake in san diego county! the stuff you learn!!! ah burocracy… grin;) any hoo the biggest sellers where my sweet breads and the power balls(the recipe here on the forum) i made them in peanut butter, maple and sesame and those went like crazy im working on choclate mint and vanilla oh and barbeque flavor…has any one used mesquite powder? I saw some when priceing nut butters at living tree.. I know ambikalee, i should make my own nut butter!!1 teeheee actually ill need more than i can make and store so im trying to buy in bulk!

    kmom you would have gotten a kick out of the whole thing! I watched some friends of mine start a horse hair dye business( really! to dye their horses manes and tails after it sun bleached), 60 grand invested…they started nationally and at the trade shows…they are on to other things now, but really the trick is just to do it…it seems to me that even if you try and fail it will open other doors and take you different directions. their biz is still kicking but not enough to earn them a living. they did however become distributors for other horse products( by other entrepanuers(sp?) that are doing really well!

    You guys are great!! thanks!!

  • Congrats on your success! Your stories are so funny!

    I laughed at the “traditional, crazy, California cuisine” – To me, California cuisine is normal cuisine than some of the weird meat dishes people eat in other areas of the country (texas being one) and I don’t even live in Cali(yet – trying to get there!) but I fit there like a glove!

    Well, I guess anything that is different than what you have seen before is “crazy”. I have that thought anytime I peak at that show “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel – of course it is so gross I have to turn it off. That is probably how SAD eaters look at raw food.

    The old lady is funny too. Why are the nuts OK but not the other stuff? Watch her come back next time. And yeah, weird that the New Zealand guy wasn’t even into trying something new. Do they even have 711 in New Zealand? That is what happens when foreigners come to America – they start eating all the crappy, fast food – so SAD. Oh well, you can never tell about people sometimes. :)

    Hopefully you will be able to get into a farmers market soon! :)

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