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Hi! Can anyone recommend a resource (book, school, website, etc) that offers information on how to start a raw foods business? I have been looking on the internet somewhat unsuccessfully.


  • Hi Sabriya, I just saw rhis on the internet. I;m not sure how good it is but it’s not too expensive. Are you thinking of starting a restaurant or catering biz?

  • Thank you so much writeeternity! I had a look and it seems right up my alley! I want to start a small raw take-out joint, but I just didn’t know what my first steps should be. That business guide seems like it will save me from making a lot of mistakes at the beginning!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    A few months ago I ran into a website that does business consultation… specifically for opening up a raw food restaurant. I think she was in the state of New York. If I find the website (I’ll search for it later), I’ll post it here.

    Also, I’ve been to Luna Pastel (raw food resturant) a few times in Harrisburg, PA. And, I’m sure the owner told us she did her internship at Loving Life Cafe (raw food restaurant) in New Oxford, PA before opening up her business. You coule probably do that too.

  • Hmmm, an internship. That is a great idea, to learn from someone else’s mistakes so I can make fewer of my own!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Yeah, I think she interned for only 6 months before she opened up her place.

    Oh wait… I just checked Luna Pastel’s website… and her restaurant is for sale!!! If you click over the text that reads “Want to Own Your Own Live Organic Cafe?” It will read “Luna Pastel is for Sale.”

    I’m still looking for that other website… haven’t been able to find it… yet. I’ve only seen this one… (haven’t read it), but it’s not the one…

    How about Living Light Culinary Institute?

  • The Luna Pastel cafe looks so cool, but I am in South Carolina, so that is out. But I am planning to go to Living Light in the near future, to get more experience. Raw Chef Dan charges $30,000!! But from the looks of his recipes, I am sure his services are worth it!!

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