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Hi all,

I am very excited to join this community and to learn more about eating raw. I am in transition and am busy trying to figure out everything. I have a 2 year-old with asthma, eczema and severe food allergies (soy, nuts, wheat, shellfish and seafood). I really feel like I can heal some of her ailments with the proper balanced diet and have set out to do just that. My 8-year-old is not so hot on the idea of eating only healthy stuff, but I’m sure I can change his mind!

So far, I have been doing about 75% raw for a few weeks. This week I ate cooked foods and felt icky. It’s funny how we don’t realize how the wrong things can make us feel until we do them!

Anywho, I just wanted to say a big hello to everyone!


  • rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

    Hi RoxieJolie,

    Hello! Sounds like you are doing great by being 75% raw in just a few weeks. It can be difficult to have your child with one or more food allergies, but if you provide her/him with plenty of fruits and veggies I am sure it will benefit the child greatly, especially for the eczema and asthma, I have heard of cases of these ailments completely dispearing on the raw food diet. As far as the nuts, what does your child consume at the time for protein sources? If not meat, then I would advise to serve plenty of protein containing veggies, since you can’t rely on nuts for the protein, also grains, like oats. Try and serve more green vegetables, like brocolli which contain higher amounts of proteins. Also seeds contain lots of protein too. The more you experiment with the recipes on this site the better, you will find that your kids will love them! There is also a section for kids recipes. Good luck.

  • green smoothies…just in case you didnt already know! I make my kids a smoothie with frozen bananas spinach, carob and sometimes some sweetner. They love “Chocolate Milkshakes”. My son also has severe allergies, I believe more children are being born this way to teach us how we really should be eating! Greens are high in protein and carob is high in calcium so you whammy them with goodness, not to mention the bananas! Oh yeah sounds so good….

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