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Tongue cuts

Hi does anyone have any information on small cuts on the tongue. I just started noticing my tongue is a little red raw and there are small cuts starting in the middle and the tip. I have been drinking a lot of fruit and vegie smoothies with citrus. Its funny, if I eat anything cooked I don’t get a reation if I have my usual raw yummies I can feel the rawness of my tongue. I went 100% raw about three weeks ago and this started a week ago. Would love to hear some ideas, I really dont want to stop being 100%, but I got scared last night becasue my tongue was so red, I eat a cooked meal. Thanks :)


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I think maybe it is a detox thing. My friend’s tongue went bright orange when she was detoxing. Then it just went away. Detoxing gets weird sometimes. Mine got sore and had like small blister things on it, which then went away. I felt that it was a detox thing. My whole taste has changed completely since going raw so I guess my tongue had to change to allow that to happen.

  • Sounds like a mild vitamin B complex deficiency, to me (maybe, specifically, B12 or folic acid)—a lack of either will cause a sore and cracked tongue or mouth. Raw foods (ESPECIALLy citrus foods) will be making your tongue feel more sore because they are, on the whole, more acidic than cooked foods so will irritate open wounds. Find a way to get more B vitamins, I’d say.

  • Thanks I think I’m going to try B12 and see if that helps. Detoxing could be it too (its a bitch ;)

  • Hi Samadhi. The same thing happened to me. Smoothies or soups with cucumber and avocado helped. Also almond milk. Try to go more vegi than citrus. You could eat carrots,jicima, celery, kale, spinach etc instead of all the fruits. Pears and melons should be ok though. I hope you feel better! Aloe can help too!

  • Thanks writeeternity I’ve been leaving out the lemons and my tongue feels better. Thanks so much.

  • samadhi – I’m so sorry! I feel your pain! I have small blisters and fine “cuts” on the inside of my mouth to. I just figured it was detox. The citrus really bothers me also. Well it doesn’t really bother me, IT BURNS LIKE H*! so I’ve cut it out for now.

    Zoe – How long until yours cleared up?

  • Another tongue thing: pain on sides of the tongue often points to iron deficiency. Happened to me.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    About a week Nisolu

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