Cheapest Protein for the dollar

What is the best/cheapest way to get protein? I figure that once I finish my current soy protein powder (which is only 26 grams for 2 large scoops) I will switch to a raw protein source. For my dollar, what is my best bet for protein? taste is no concern.


  • Hey man.

    Most vegetarians are super worried about protein but many get too much. You only need about 10-15% protein in your diet and most fruit and veggies have that in them. Supplemented with some nuts, you should have no trouble getting the protein you need. Too much protein can make your blood acidic…not good. How’s that for cheap?

    If your worried about your protein intake go to and calculate a few days worth of meals and see what the result is.


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    Ahh the protein myth :0 James is def right about the amount of protein that you need. Buuut if you still think ya want some extra protein then try out that hemp protein, flax seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, or chia seeds. I really on these since I dont eat very many greens at all.


  • hemp protein powder is the best way to go, its only about 15-20 dollars for a pound and 3 scoops will take you a long way, plus its got the EFAs, Vitamin E, lots of minerals, chlorophyll, and massive protein.

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    Hi there,

    Like Nagev says, you really don’t need to worry about getting “enough” protein on raw. Fruits and veggies have all the protein we need. Simple and easy!

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