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weight loss question

rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

Hi everyone,

I am going raw for optimal health and for the health of our planet (not eating meat anymore) and only consuming organic produce. I am aiming for at least 90% I am getting there slowly, but it’s tough but I am starting to add more to my diet everyday.

My question is on weight loss, over the summer I gained over 10lbs. I am usually between 135-140, I am near 150 now. I am considered slim by everyone who knows me, but over the last 2 years I accumulated cellulite all over my thigh area (front and back), it’s gross. I am reading that this is toxicity and fat accumilation and it doesn’t go away with weightloss. Has anyone seen a reduction of cellulite on the raw food diet? and if so how long before you see results of it disappearing? Thanks.


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Hi rawmaiden, Congratulations on going raw…your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for it! As for the cellulite, I have lost a TON of it since going raw. I used to have alot on my legs and butt. Now, it is almost all gone! I just eat raw and exercise (run, walk, weights, body work, etc.), and it has almost all disappeared. I have lost 60 pounds so far since going raw a year ago.

  • This time around, I’ve been Raw for about 3 weeks (not completely Raw, but almost) and I’ve lost about 10 pounds. I’ve seen a dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite. It can happen! I work out daily as well.

  • rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

    Thanks guys, that is really encouraging news and a great motivator to keep me to my goals, thank you, thank you!

  • When I first went raw I started to loose right away. I lost 30lbs in two months after going 100% raw. The weight loss is great, and my body started toning up too, well most likely because eating raw gives me so much energy so I am usually moving and grooving all the time. LOL

    I enrolled in a accelerated program here in Texas for massage. Six month course jammed into three months. Old habits like drinking coffee, eating sugary foods and just plane not eating right while studing in the last three months has seen every pound lost gained back and more. Not only that but my energy level went way down, I got the mother of all yeast infections, my body was getting sick again, and my skin was looking terrible. Sigh. If that is not saying stay raw I don’t now what will.

    I’m back on my raw diet, cut out the coffee except for one day a week, doing my juices again, and back doing my exercises and yoga.

    My yest infection is finally going away, my skin is looking better, I’ve got my energy back and I’m loosing weight again.

    So great luck to you, I think you’ll find it has an amazing effect on weight loss and your whole body in general.

  • Hi, I started on Raw this June and was 75-85% raw. I lost 13 pounds in 2 1/2 months. But now I’m 1 week 100% raw and lost 2 pounds quickly without being hungry!

    What I did to lose those ugly cellulite problem, I ate avocados. That really worked for me! Read up about Avocados.

  • So true about the lovely avocado! They are the best. But they always get such a bad rap. Poor simple little fruit. ;c)

  • avos to get rid of cellulite? Really? do you rub them straight on your tucus or what? (wink wink) just kidding, I love avos so its good to know they are helpful in many ways!!!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    What lovely news to hear about the avocado, surely one of the most delicious tastes one can imagine! How I miss the days when avocados grew in my grandparents’ back yard.

  • rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

    Thanks everyone about the avacado’s. It makes sense because I read that you cannot lose fat without taking in fat (the good fat that is).

    I have been raw for over a week and my skin is already looking great too.

  • rawmaiden – did you “release” any weight your first week?

  • rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

    Hi Nisolu, Actually no and I was told it was due to eating too many nuts and nut milks! LOL- and I was also eating too many banana’s and coconut, I guess the first week I had a sugar crave? I know it was psychological. I am going to my farmers market this saturday and picking up some wheatgrass and more greens, etc.. I am sure I will lose the weight if I eat more greens and veggies for a while.

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