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My family…

Is NOT raw…and doesn’t really care about whether or not they are. Now, I’m not raw totally either, but that’s the direction I’m going and want to keep going. My husband could care less about food. If it tastes good and fills his gut, it’s good to him. Sometimes watching him eat makes me ill. Seriously. He’s also got some serious health problems in his genes and I don’t want him to end up like his dad (diabetes…and high blood pressure, which he’s already dealing with). How can I possibly get him to come around? We do have a deal in place that he tries what I make. I am somewhat pleased with this. But what I can’t seem to get him to understand is the importance of health. This is a man who’ll eat McDonalds everday if he was left on his own “the ketchup is a vegetable, Tessa.” I would love it if he would participate in the kitchen with me, but he’s mostly bored. Oh dear! :( So how’ve you others with not-so-willing partners dealth with it? And how has it fared?


  • my partner is a carnivore, and you have to pick your battles. i get tired of hearing him complain about how awful he feels all the time, but i know i won’t be able to change him. however, having fresh fruit in the house is good for him, and he at least has added this to his diet with more regularity. it makes me feel better that he’s at least eating SOME fresh food . good luck, but don’t get frustrated, the best thing is to lead by example, when the people around you see the changes they will want to know more.

  • Hi Tessa,my husband is 1/2 raw. I make my food and he eats,but only if he likes it. What I found out is that nobody changes unless they want,and they have to want really badly to change. Because of that I do what is good for me,and sometimes people change just watching me,for example.I did quit trying to change anyone,even my husband,and he noted that and he is trying very hard to change but it will be on his paste. Do what YOU want to do and be happy with you,and than people will note you and they will want to change too.

  • Yeah, you’re both right…it’s just so hard to see him like that…

    I guess time will tell. Perhaps as he sees the positive change in me it’ll inspire him. It’s what I can hope for!

  • I can SO relate. It’s hard to enjoy this healthy, vibrant path I’m on sometimes when I’m worrying that my husband isn’t right there with me. We’ve made a lot of healthy changes that he does participate in, like going organic as much as possible, participating in a weekly fresh produce program from a local organic farm, whole grains (for him… and believe me, switching from white bread to whole grains was a lengthy process!),etc. But then, he smokes a pack a day. YIKES. And he likes his soda – a certain caramel coloring chemical concoction that rhymes with Schlepsi that I won’t name here – and he’s still quite the carnivore. It’s the smoking that worries me the most, of course. I’m planning on being a feisty, active, vibrant woman in my older age (uh, just like I am now, only older ;o) It bothers me a lot that he probably won’t be around by then. Or that he’ll get really sick and I’ll spend my later years being a nursemaid instead of exploring and playing. That sounds totally selfish, but there it is. It’s a valid concern.

    I agree with those here who advocate leading by example instead of lecturing, badgering, nagging, begging… I’ve been with the same man for 18 years, and one thing I know about him is that things have to be HIS idea before he’ll take them seriously. It’s frustrating as hell sometimes because I’m such a control-enthusiast (hehe) but I just try to tell myself that maybe patience and loving kindness are the life-lessons I was sent to learn this time around.

    Patience. Heh. I’m still working on that one. ;o)


  • jenery – There’s nothing selfish about wanting to enjoy your life to the fullest for as long as possible.

    As for convincing others of the importance of eating well, I can only say play to their particular tastes. Create the healthiest versions you can of foods they love and slowly eliminate the junk versions. Right now my Lovely Boyfriend is willing to eat what I put in front of him, but he sometimes eats more cooked when he’s out and he isn’t interested in learning to prepare Raw Foods. He’s finding that he likes some of the Raw as well as, or even better than, what he’d otherwise be eating.

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