Dehydrating Tomato Leather

rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

Has anybody ever dehydrated and made Tomato Leather, like dehydrated fruit leather?

If you did, how did you make it? Did you throw away the seeds then blend it, run it thru your juicer with the juicing plate, etc.?

I was wondering if I dehydrated tomato leather instead of tomato pieces, could I use that in recipes instead of tomato pieces…it sure would take up less space for storing it :)


  • This is a great question… I’m drowning in tomatoes right now! (I know, what a tragedy ;o)

    What about pureeing tomatoes and freezing the puree in ice cube trays? I’m not real clear about what freezing does to enzymes, but it would be a quick and easy way to save your tomatoes.


  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Me too, OODLES of them! I don’t want them to go to waste! That is a good idea about ice cube trays, my brother is going to do that with juiced wheatgrass too. I will do the ice cube tray idea so I have fresh tomato juice for smoothies or raw soups…that idea will work great for those! Thank you! :)

    I know when I was dehydrating the tomato slices, the books I read said to get rid of seeds because they go rancid quickly, so I went thru the tedious job of removing all seeds. BUT if I vitamix the tomatoes, the seeds would be ground up too and I don’t know if it’d matter then. Basically, I was trying to figure out a short and easy way of dehydration so I had organic dehydrated tomatoes, from my own garden, to make a raw marinara sauce (calls for a lot of dehydrated tomatoes)...I just was thinking, if I could puree them, then dehydrate the puree into leather sheets, it’d go MUCH quicker than standing at the sink for an hour or so scooping out seeds, patting the tomatoes dry, and all for a tiny bit of dehydrated tomatoes when I was finished.

  • You can totally dehydrate tomatoes and make leather out of them and freeze some but dehydration usually lasts longer. I never took the seeds out of my tomatoes that I dehydrated but then again I usually gobble up tomato leather and dried tomatoes pretty fast. Not sure on the enzyme break down jenergy, but I’ve frozen stuff before and just eaten it rather quickly, weeks instead of months.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Hi bellasera, The tomatoes that I just dehydrated are delicious, but it took lots of work to make such a small amount, that’s why I was wondering if maybe making leather would be faster? Please let me know how you made your tomato leather? Did you put your tomatoes in a blender and then just pour onto sheets? Or what did you use? Did you leave it chunky or runny? How did you store it? None of my books give any details on how to make it. Thanks for your help :)

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