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My husband and I are going to Florida for one week. It’s a very small town with nothing or almost nothing raw,except salads in restaurants.Also,my in-laws are going to go to and they are not raw,in fact they think I’m weird (as a vegetarian,now…).What should I bring?


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I asked this recently and got a lot of good advice. What really helped me was to have raw crackers and other assorted dehydrated treats. You might also check out our list of recipes that travel well.

  • Thanks Kandace. I’ll do that.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Soaked/dehydrated nuts and seeds, make a fun trail mix including coconut & dried fruit, box of clementines, apples, raw nut butters, raw/ dehydrated granola bars. Do you have a small cooler for in your car? I don’t know what fruit is in season there now, but maybe there’s a pick-your-own farm or a farmer’s market where you can get lots of fresh vegetables and fruits to snack on? Florida has a few grocery stores popping up that are starting to carry a variety of great produce. The time we went, Publix was doing well in that department and I went all week not feeling deprived.

  • Thanks a lot Rawmama,super !! I’ll do that.It’s the second time that I go there, and the first time I didn’t know what to do. Yes,I have a great and big coller that I can put evrything on it,and I’ll look all over for farmers market and Publics gracery.Thanks again.

  • before you travel, check out greenpages, a nationwide directory of green shops, restaurants, services, farmers markets, etc. it’s available at most h.f. shops and they’re online at www.coopamerica.org/pubs/greenpages.

  • Great!!! Thanks a lot. It’s wonderful to know about that.I’m going to check this out right now.

  • I always loved dates cut half way open and then stuffed with half a walnut. You can put powdered sugar on, or nothing. It’s a nice snack. Another snack we enjoy is celery stuffed with peanut butter and topped with raisins, or celery stuffed with lower fat cream cheese if your not vegan, then top that with slices of pimento stuffed olives. It is very tasty! My mother always made that as a little appertizer.


  • Thanks June. I loved the dates with walnut. Wow !! Must be delicious!

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    well-i m mad at myself.we just got back from the beach and spending the nite with the little grandsons.i packed enough for everyone else.me-i was sick with a cold so i was not going to eat.yeah! i ate everything that wasn’t nailed down.i don’t know why i would do this.sick with a cold.i don’t know.it was our vacation.eveyrone was about munching and i always ahve to cook for everyone.agh!!!so mad. i ahve lost 70 pounds and here i sabotage myself.anyway-maybe out of my routine and not juicer with me or food dryer.or blender.agh!!so mad.what could i have done different?stuck to my convictions and not eat pretzels,cake(yep!it was whole wheat flour with raisins and cranberries-no icing)and boca burgers.well-i feel like an out of control cow/pig.and i am going to a raw food potluck soon.i ate bad.next time i will be more prepared.

  • Just got back from Hawaii, and we took “all raw” homemade bars, crepes, nuts,seeds, vanilla, agave, cacao,and celtic sea salt. We hit the farmers markets and blended green smoothies and made cacao shakes. It was amazing to enjoy all the local fruits and veggies/greens out there. Hope you can find something in this that’ll help you.

  • Hi rae-dean. Don’t bit yourself up. It’s ok,and it happens that sometimes we loose track of things,but the most important is that we come back. Think about today and what are you going to do TODAY. Forget and forgive yesterday. Think about today.

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    oh thanks so much Lucy.good point to forget yesterday and do now. iwas so scared i had stepped into never never land of sad doings again.sort of scared myself.today-once home…i had my juices today and felt more in control of my food supply and what was happening.so i am back at it.yay.now i will go better prepared.and determined.thanks-this is a very good question.

  • i’m happy that you are thinking on today rae-dean.in neuro-linguist program they say that when you have a bad memory,just turn the light off. and when you have a good memory turn the light brighter and make the picture big. our brain makes horror movies sometimes,and we can turn off that scene. we can turn off the light of our imagination and brighter up the spots that we want. hope i’m making a clear picture for you. think on today and on. if you think in the past,think on big and bright for good memories and small and dark for bad ones (or small and less brighter ).

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