Newbie, Need HELP

I have been raw for 1 week, however, I am having problems eating raw nuts that are ground in the food processor. I have not problem with eating raw nuts not grinded or with nut milk. Is this normal? If those that want more info. eating the gound nut meal makes me nauseous, I can only eat one or two spoons before my stomach is upset. I do not have any known food allergies.

Thanks for your assistance in advance.


  • Hi! It’s best to soak the nuts and then dehydrate them. Rinse so you get rid of the enzyme inhibitors. I think it’s best to make a raw granola anyway. Why are you trying to eat ground nuts? You don’t want to mix them with anything?

  • Most of the recipes in the cookbooks I have use ground nuts to make “non meatballs, “not tuna”, etc. I don’t have a dehydrator yet, so I will try that when I get one. Thanks

  • Hi Zr! It sounds like you have a blender. You can blend the nuts till smooth and use as a cheese sauce over broccoli or cauliflower. I made the ground nut kind of recipes and was pretty freaked out at first like- I’m going to eat this whole pile of nuts and pretend it’s scrambled eggs?? So I totally know what you are saying. I’d say use the nuts sparingly and add a lot of vegetables.

  • Actually, I used a food processor. Thanks so much for your assistance. I just thought it was strange because I love nuts and have never had a bad reaction until now.

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