Food Intolerances

I have a question. I was diagnosed with a myriad of food intolerances this summer, hence my quest for a better diet and my choice of RAW. Are food intolerances still an issue with raw? For example, I can’t tolerate gluten, spelt, kamut, tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, peppers (all varieties), potatoes, papayas, kiwi, strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, orange, eggplant, (essentially all the nightshade veggies) and lots of spices. I really miss a lot of these foods, I LOVE mushrooms and peppers and it sucks I “can’t” eat them.

Does anyone have any knowledge on the subject? Is it a cooked vs raw thing? I never had any physical reactions (ie hives, rashes etc) that I directly linked to these foods, but I was having serious bloating and general malaise type feelings which lead me to the naturopath who did the tests.

Thanks! ~Shay


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I am really sorry to hear that. Dont worry you still have some varieties of fruit to chow on. There are tons of recipes out there which include delicious veggies, nuts and seeds.. Now here is the thing, about your bloating, it happens to most of those who first start eating raw. It will go away as time goes on. Many people who have suffered from food intolerance usually improve on a raw diet and some are even lucky enough to not suffer from symptoms anymore. Im not promising you anything , but there is hope :) Did you ever do a fast before? That would help with your bloating a lot.If you ever need some questions answered or need some support I’m always here. Im sure that the others on the site will be more than happy to help out as well.


  • Thanks Vaughn! I actually found that the bloating issue went away after I stopped eating all the stuff the naturopath said not too, but I think most of it was the gluten. I found that if I caved and ate anything with gluten in it, it would come back. Yet another reason why I am going raw.

    I have never fasted, but I am on the last of an 8 month long series of detoxes. 2 more weeks! I’m afraid to do a fast as I suffer from migraines and I will get one if I go too hungry. That and I usually only have one day off a week. But I am up to try anything!

  • I’ve also found that it’s easier to avoid allergens when you’re eating raw because you’re usually so much more involved with making the food yourself. When eating out, it’s next to impossible to guess what they slip into that food!

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