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Available unpasteurized almonds

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to get the word out that we will continue to carry raw, unpasteurized, organic, locally-grown almonds.


Drake www.Rawfromthefarm.com

Raw Spirit Festival – October 2007 – Click below for more info… http://rawspiritfest.rawmiracles.com/idevaffili…


  • Thank you so much! :)

  • Thanks veganman and raw_earth. Raw, will you sell wholesale to a store? How can you continue to sell without pasteurizing? I have spoken to a couple of our vendors and they say it won’t be a problem for a while not to pasteurize the almonds but I don’t understand why it won’t be a problem. I would appreciate your feedback.

  • Thanks a lot ! Great news.I was so sad thinking that I wouldn’t have almond milk anymore.

  • RCBA, I’m only a buyer, not a seller or a grower. Wish I was though! Sorry ‘bout that! Veganman will have to fill us in.

  • Lol raw. Veganman,my last comment was meant for you rather than raw_earth.

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