hi! Newbie here :)

Just wanted to say hi as Im looking around. Hope to find some good ideas, and tips and well, just knowledge so that I know what Im doing is right.

I cant belive Im actaully sitting here now with a KALE SPINACH green smoothie! UG! I would of never thought in a million years I would eat this! But its doable and I found some celery, real honey- and it taste good!

So just figuring out what the most healthiest way to go is. I do find that after having a carrot apple one for breakfast today and yesturday, that Im not even hungry till afternoon! So much for the mid am “needed” snack and lunch on the dot at 11am.

My conern, is Im at 400 calories today and Im a runner. So dont know how that is gonna go. used to having 1400 cals a day, BUT not loosing. Im tired of coutning caloires, figuring out if Im gonna go low carb, high fat or low fat every day. UGG.

I had quit smoking in June of 06. Went from a heavy smoker.drinker, high sugareater to a non smoker, non drinker(maybe 2 year rather than every friday night) jogger-runner-5k’er, non grain eater(diagnosed with Celiac), non fast food eater(only took the movie and book to convince me(fast food nation). to only eating cage free egss.. are eggs raw? see I think I have alot to learn.. like when we say 80/20 raw -can we eat eggs? I have a few books on wait at the libray I am waiting for.. but does any one recommend ONE really good basic book? like a EATING RAW FOR DUMMIES? Shawna


  • So cool that you’ve taken the initiative to get rid of bad habits. That’s a long way to come in a year! I too used to do the calorie counting thing. One of the joys of Raw Food is putting my calorie calculator deep in the junk drawer.

    As you read books about Raw/Living Foods, of course you’ll find lots of conflicting advice and opinions. Though I don’t agree with some of his ideas (such as the heavy emphasis on raw cacao) I learned a lot from David Wolfe’s Sun Food Diet Success Sysytem. It has several chapters on philosophy/motivation, but also lots of info on Raw nutrition and transitioning to Raw. Maybe see if your local library has or can order some books on Raw Food. That way you can read a bunch before you decide which are worth buying.

    BTW eggs aren’t raw, unless you eat them uncooked. ;) Most people on this site are vegan,but some raw foodist do consume raw dairy/honey/eggs/fish. Carol Alt discusses that type of her Raw Diet in her books. They are REALLY basic books for info on going raw, so maybe they’d work for you. The latest is The Raw 50, and it has quite a few easy to make recipes.

  • ive recently gone raw myself and taking your time is really the way to go but you dont seem to be taking your time! all is good.

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