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ironic raw travel ponderings, moms weigh in..

We spent our weekend driving three horses from san diego to alturas Ca for a good friend who has moved up there recently. it was my first trip being raw and i packed a cooler full of stuff including green smoothies for the first day or so. it went great, even passed around the “foux” tuna on romain leaves for lunch and the cheese dip was a huge hit. The only casualty was my maple power balls as the bag fell into melted ice water and there was no saving them..sigh, but having all those fresh veggies and fruit with me was so fab! I was not once tempted and my energy on that hot ass long drive was consistent while everyone else was grumpy and had sugar crashes and multiple potty breaks from soda consumption!

an ironic eves dropping moment for me that inspired 1. 5 hours of discussion on the two way radio was: during a breakfast at the local diner( me with my smoothie) we overheard a peewee football player from the team seated in all the booths around us say he wanted salad for breakfast with soup…his coach hissed at him ” you need to eat pancakes and protein..no soup for you! ” like the soup nazi or something…anyhow the child looked crest fallen. My companions and I looked at each other and wondered to ourselves over the radios later if a child is let to eat when he wants, what he wants, out of a healthy choice of food, will this foster a healthy relationship with food and a over all healthy kid? I mean, if your child is hungry and he eats then instead of waiting until “given” times like lunch, dinner, breakfast, will he be less likely to overeat and eat bad stuff on his own? myself, i am hungry at 10:30 or so every morning( i get up around 4:30 am) so i eat then, im not hungry again until late afternoon (dinner time) If i do get hungry i eat when im hungry not at prescribed times. i eat what i want too, if i want left over rawmein for breakfast i eat it, if i want fruit smoothie for dinner i eat that….im satisfied and dont over eat…from experience when i tell myself to wait until dinner and eat “dinner food” If i want something else, then I always feel unsatisfied! Of course im an adult and dont have to ask permission from a parent or coach… one friend said she felt kids cant self regulate and would eat only bannanas for weeks or only grapes. Hubby chimed in with kids should be fed a base of food and should be allowed to make choices around that, but he believed in proper times for food consumption becasue the world is geared for that at school and such…Im torn, i had a nephew who hated meat, he would rather eat a huge peach for a meal. His mother was told to with hold what the child prefered until he had eaten what he did not like first…. the child would gag eating pot roast and would not even make it to his prefered food…. poor little guy hes a picky sickly kid to this day…. and he mistrusts his parents. I saw the look on this kids face when he was 1.5 years old and having his food thrust at him when he clearly wanted something different and how shocked he looked that his parents made him eat this vile( to him) stuff they did…. i was sad. Moms, what do you all think?


  • Sounds like child abuse to me. That was really awful about the coach requiring that the player eat pancakes and protein. It made me wish that the player threw up all over the other players.

    Glad to hear that your first raw trip was successful. I have been a raw foodist since 1999 and I still have some challenges when I travel. It takes a lot of planning and organizing. It sounds like you did a good job with both.

    I’m interested to find out what recipes you used for the faux tuna, cheese dip, and maple power balls.

  • My husband and I eat what we want and when, we’ve never held to “meal times” and we don’t make our kids either. We get crap for this from other parents and of course from family members, but our kids are healthy, they choose water,fresh fruit and veggies when others are choosing soda and junk, and they are not the least bit picky, they will try just about anything. I think it’s a shame that in our “free” society we as a group feel such a need to regulate and rigidly schedule our children right down to what they put in thier mouths and when. It drives me crazy!! I think we’ve forgotten our ancestral ways of eating what’s fresh and in season when you’re hungry and not when you’re not. It’s no wonder obesity and diabetes is a growing epidemic among children. It is abuse, too bad only a few of us see it that way.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    We get flack for letting our kids eat when they want all the time. My daughter is 3 and, like most toddlers, still grazes her way throug the day. She eats fruits and veggies all day long, and when it is time for “dinner” she is not hungry. This REALLY bothers my in-laws to no end. My husband, son (13), and I eat at more scheduled mealtime, as we have been doing it so long that that is how our bodies are trained. But, I hope that we can keep my daughter on a more natural schedule…eat when your hungry, not when your not. We are starting to get out of the “meal time” habit…about 1-2 times a week we just “snack it” if we are hungry (which saves me a TON of work!), but we are not yet fully deprogrammed. It is hard with an older child who has to follow a school schedule of when to eat and when not to. I guess that is another argument in favor of homeschooling…but that is another topic all together!

  • Hi rcbalive, i used all recipes from this site for those things, although i tweek my tuna recipe to taste more like ani phyos in her cook book and the power balls are my own recipe( i think i posted it) its basically almond butter maple syrup and buck wheat rolled in a i/2 inch ball and dehydrated, i make three flavors so far, and they sell out at the farmers markets so there is appeal accross the board on those puppys! the fav is the peanut butter ones i make, same recipe for my peanut butter cookie(in recipes).

    I thought of it as child abuse! I am not a mom but hearing that child spoken to that way, made me mad….I was never a fan of organized sports growing up ….i rememeber being screeched at , during a swim meet once by some parent and i quit the team shortly after…my last team sport until high school!

  • I don’t agree with the way that kid was treated either. People who work with kids shouldn’t get so much enjoyment having power over them and this is definitely crossing the line as far as I’m concerned between being a mentor and intimidating a child for personal reasons.

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