Raw Spirit Festival Oct. 12-14 Sedona AZ

Just wanted to share information regarding the Raw Spirit Festival happening in Sedona, AZ next month. My family will be attending. Hope to see each of you there! Click on the link below for event details. Also, please forward this link to others who you think might be interested!



  • I’m seriously thinking of going to this, so hopefully I’ll see you there! My boyfriend thinks I need a get-away. (I’m afraid to ask what that means.) I’m thinking it’ll be a great chance to relax, learn and meet some cool people.

  • Well I hope to meet all of you there! I was planning on going by myself (my hubby and kids are still SAD) but in a strange twist of fate my SAD sister has decided to join me. She lives about 8 hrs away from me and we’ll both be flying (we’re from Nebraska) and meet up in Sedona. I’m so excited to immerse her in the raw lifestyle. There are so many people I can’t wait to meet and hear talk! I’ve heard some of them during the Raw Summit and was entranced. Now to meet them in person will be amazing!

    Oh – you’ll know it’s me if you see a blonde cowgirl!

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    I hope you all have the best time EVER! I live 30 minutes from Sedona, but can’t go this year ( I have a mama due to birth any time around then), but, if any of you are passing through Flagstaff on your way in or out of Sedona.

  • I HAD AN AMAZING TIME! Sorry it’s taken me so long, but I just wanted everyone to know, the festival really was transendental! The strong LIVE VIBRATIONS from the Raw Spirit Festival was something I’ve never experienced anywhere else, at any other time in my life. The people were wonderful, the food amazing, the lectures tremendous, it was just nearly perfect. I do say that they handled the 2500 people quite well. I wasn’t thrilled with the parking situation and I missed a number lectures while standing in the long lines for food. But overall I loved the experience and learned a ton. I’m so greatful that I was able to attend. My sister went with me and before the festival she was SAD. After just one day at the festival she decided to go RAW. Now it’s been over a week and she is still RAW and loving it. Sorry I didn’t take my camera so no pictures to share. David Wolfe was crazy but I learned a lot from him…. like he believes we’ve never landed on the moon, but his lecture on super foods was very interesting. Matthew Monarch was more my style, hard core raw foodist without the pressure of eating tons of super foods. If anyone wants to hear more about my trip, feel free to email me at dustycreek@panhandle.net Bliss Forth!

  • Really wish I could have gone! I lived for 25 years in AZ so it would have been a nice vacation…next year I am going.

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