Food Combining

Who practices it and why and what are the rules to follow?


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    1)No sweet fruit with nuts or other fatty fruits (avos,cocnuts,durian) 2)Citrus with fatty fruits and nuts 3)Vegetables with fatty fruits and nuts 4)Eat melons on their own 5)Lettuce and celery are acceptable with sweet fruits

    1)Sweet fruits digest fairly quickly, but if nuts are included, the sweet fruits have a more difficult time digesting due to the high fat content of nuts and fatty fruits which take a longer time to digest.

    2)Citrus are acceptable wo be eaten with nuts and fatty fruits because they help break down the protein and fats. Citrus fruits also remain in the stomach for longer periods of time.

    3)Both fatty fruits and nuts and veggies take longer to digest so eating them together should not cause a problem.

    4)Melons are the quickest digesting fruits and will not combine well with other sweet fruits (be aware of commercially grown catalopes because they are injected with chemicals which are harmful and may cause intense stomach discomfort. It is best to buy all melons organic.

    5)Lettuce and celery, for some reason, have no trouble digesting with lettuce or celery.

    This is what I have learned. Also mono meals support the best digestion. For example a meal of bananas alone or a meal of cukes alone, with at least 3-4 hrs between each meal. Times may be longer for a meal of fatty fruits or nuts. Hope that helps you out a bit :)


  • So by those rules, Larabars and other raw bars are not good? They all have dates in them with various combi’s of nuts…and I love them so!

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I love lara bars and I buy them by the case. I really dont even practice food combining because It can be very difficult at times. Mono meals on top of that it really really hard and can become very boring. You may even begin to loose your appetite and drop to a very low and unhealthy weight.

  • I try and practice food combining but a simple version than what Vaughn outlined.

    Veggies go with any of the following groups:

    -Nuts and dried fruit -Fruit (not citrus) -Citrus -Starches

    I don’t follow it that closely. I mainly just avoid nuts and fruit because nuts leave me sooo bloated and hinder the digestion of fruit.


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