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HPV Vaccine - Need advice!!!

My stepmom sells the beforementioned vaccine… I am very skeptical to vaccines, but of course I want to protect myself against genital warts and the cancer that might follow. Well, she wants me to take one and I can get it for free.. But I just don’t know…

What do you guys think? Do any of you moms NOT vaccine your babies and such? I’m just… I don’t know :/

Read about the vaccine here: http://deana-in-texas.livejournal.com/2007/08/02/


  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    If you’re raw and clean on the inside, your ‘inner-terrain’ is in balance, if you will, then you will not get genital warts or cancer. It only happens when your body is sick.

  • I’m personally against it, but that’s just me as I have problems with many vaccines in general. I was under the impression that it was spread as an STD. So I would imagine that practicing safe sex would be a preventative measure as well?

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    All the natural health books I’ve read have all said that vaccines are a BIG no-no! I’ll have to get back to you on the details of it. One book went into detail about what kind of chain reaction the vaccines cause within the body… definitely something I don’t want to put into my body if I had the choice not to!

  • Read this!


    I believe the last thing I read said the number is up to 5 deaths from the vaccine. If you follow the links in the attached, you also learn how small the percentage of HPV variants the vaccine protects against, and the even smaller percentage of cervical cancer that results from those variants. There is NO WAY my own daughter is getting this vaccine!!!!!!!!

  • OMG! That’s all I have to say!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I would NEVER get the vaccine myself or allow my daughter to get it. The strain of HPV that you are protected from is so rare. Also, safe sex practices will prevent you from getting it. It is just another way the drug companies are trying to make money. Plus, the more people DON’T get it, the less ammunition they have to make it mandatory for schools, etc. I know that I will take my daughter out of school if it is made mandatory.

    I know I usually don’t come out strongly against issues, but this is one I just can’t keep my mouth shut on. Thanks for listening to my soap box!

  • I think the vaccine is a load of you-know-what. I understand that there are somewhere between 200-300 hpv virus’ out there and the vaccine only protects against a few. Personally…I contracted HPV when I was younger. Then, I didn’t have it anymore. It was GONE. Just gone. I asked my doctor and he attributed it to my outstanding health and at that point I was only a vegetarian! He said (and I went with him on this one, being a researcher at U of Tenn medical school or something along those lines) that from what he gathers, the “vaccine” is simply a method for drug companies to make $$$. Most sexual active adults WILL contract HPV, some will get the unfortunate kind that can give you cervical cancer. So use protection and limit your partners. Otherwise, if you’re a healthy person, simply good nutrition will kick it. Personally, I only had HPV for 2 years before it went away on its own. I would never EVER recommend this vaccine for ANYONE. If a person is concerned that their behavior is going to put them at risk for getting cervical cancer with those kind of odds, then they need to examine their sexual behavior and maybe, um…rethink how they’re going about things. IMO.

    Peace -Tessa

  • Thanks SOOO much you guys! Yea, I don’t think I’m gonna go for it.

    It’s just hard because of course she wants the best for me and her own daughter (we’re the same age). I’m not living with them any longer, and we have a strained past.

    When she asked me, I politely said that I had a doctors appointment on the 11th and that I would consult him first and then make my decision, just to buy some time. At that point she said she thought I should just jump on it. Actually, she had already signed me up for it.

    Immediately after our conversation I went on to post here. I really value this forums input and I thank all of you who took the time to answer!

    Thanks, -Marie

  • Good luck Marie…I hope your decision doesn’t cause problems with your relationship with her! Gotta do what’s best for you, though!

  • Hey Tessa, I just found this post and was curious if you had any other information about your overcoming of HPV you’d feel like sharing. I posted a question the other day [http://goneraw.com/forums/7/topics/4658] and so far you are the only source of information regarding someone getting rid of their hpv. I’d really like to hear from you!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    marienord – be aware that safe sex WONT protect you from getting HPV. hpv is transmitted WHETHER OR NOT your partner wears protection. i’ve had it, it’s scary, and it can cause cancer. however, the strain that i had, wouldn’t have been covered by this vaccine. so i still don’t know if it’s worth it, its for you to decide.

  • I would like to add that I greatly disagree with morning theft. Even if you are “clean on the inside”, you can get HPV. And Winona is correct. Safe sex will not protect you from HPV, as it can be spread skin to skin. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice safe sex—it helps to cut transmission rates of many STDs and HIV. Still, we really have to be careful about sending out misinformation about such an important health issue.

  • My husband is a naturopath and we have a clinic in Mexico and we have used vaginal ozone to get rid of the virus that causes cervical cancer so it can be controlled naturally. The vaccine is a far greater risk in my oppinion.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I wouldn’t do it. Research this from many sources and compare notes. I think vaccines are dangerous.

  • My 27 year old daughter has been a vegetarian since third grade and was a virgin until she was 25, but still got a particulary virulent strain of HPV (the 1% kind that goes from exposure to full-blown cervical cancer in 12 months) from her first boyfriend (who was no virgin for sure).

    Thankfully her cervical cancer was discovered somewhat early, she had surgery and must be re-tested via biopsy every three months for TWO years. Alreadly she has more spots forming. She is doing all she can to boost her immune system and fight this off without more cervix-destroying surgery because she really wants to have children. We explored every option before she had surgery, but the HPV virus she has is so aggressive it is scary.

    So Marie, I know your step-mother means well. No one wants to see a loved one go through this kind of pain. However, I’m not sure you can count on a vaccine to protect you. Practice safe sex and be careful about your partners. Remember the more partners he/she’s had the more likely THEY have picked up an HPV which you can get.

  • i’ve been hearing about this being mandatory for schools.. i just dont understand! its not like its something you can get from breathing on other students or germs on doorknobs.. its about SEX!! who is having sex at school??!! sex, other than sex education (which is poor in my opinion) has nothing to do with school!! this is something parents need to be responsible for! obviously, because schools arent teaching safe sex enough! i heard this highschool girl tell me that she knows that her boyfriend doesnt have STDs because she saw his genitals and there was nothing wrong with them.. nothing like those pictures they show in sex ed… WHAT!! SERIOUSLY!?!

  • gypsycowgirl, i have the same questions as cherie03. i’d love to hear from you

    hpv is scary. i hate that they aren’t educating enough.. and then females are suffering the consequences.

  • What scares me most about these vaccines is the lack of long term or even adequate short term studies to follow side effects or negative consequences. We are a walking generation of long term studies. None of the vaccines that we typically received in our childhood were tested for more than 2 years. We are the clinical trials. Who knows what effects these will have in 10, 20, 40 years?

  • Cherie03—the vaginal ozone won’t control the genital warts or shingles—those are caused usually by the herpes vaginalis and herpes zoster and those we have best controlled by a zeolite mineral product called Zeoactive8, it is a product that comes from Australia—there is a product called Natural Cell Defense that is made by a multi-level company called Waiora that will work but it is more expensive and not as strong. If you want to get the Zeoactive8, you can order it from this number 325-947-5266. It is a liquid that you can put in juice—it is also a good product to pull out heavy metals and detox out chemicals from the body. We have a patient who has had genital herpes for years and will not go without it because it has helped her control it so well.

    The vaginal ozone is tricky because it is hard to find someone who has an ozone generator that you can hook a hose and a douche tip to and insert into the vagina. You might be lucky if you know someone with that equipment but unfortunately because our government and health industry can’t really profit from it they won’t allow them here. My husband recommends something you might try at home and it would not be a bad maintenance thing for anyone to do periodically. There is a product called Tetrasil that you might can find at the health food stores or online or again you can call the above number. Tetrasil is a salve like product that has silver tetra-oxide in it and he has used this on patients with pre-cervical dysplasia to halt it. You might want to have your partner or someone you trust at this point to insert and apply the Tetrasil in the vagina and especially on the cervix. This product can also be used on genital warts to help heal them.

  • There are more than 100 types of HPV but only 13 of them are known to cause cancer. Cervarix, licensed for use in Europe since September 2007, protects against two strains of HPV.

    The vaccine only protects against 2 strains & it doesnt give 100% protection against those 2 strains. Also if you are already sexually active you could already have any one of those strains already.





    There are over 80,000 pharmaceutical sales people employed in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States alone. My understanding is that that is about 1 for every 4 doctors. Their job is to sell drugs.

    Their job is not to educate doctors. Their job is not to provide medical information. They have one job and one job ...only: to push their product particularly against other competing products. Doctors should not trust them to give them unbiased and accurate information about their drugs, and frankly, doctors shouldn't let them in their offices."


  • Having one lifetime marital sex partner is still the best choice if you want to avoid any of these diseases.

  • I just wanted to add some things for thought- some of them have already been mentioned, some not. I don't think it's safe to assume because you eat healthy that you can not get diseases. There is more to cancers and STD then just diet. Please do not assume because you eat a healthy diet you will be invincible.

    Definately, a long time monogamous relationship will cut down on your chances of STD. But, one does not always know where their partner was before them. There are chaste, monogamous people out there who do sometimes get STD from a spouse who "way back when" before they where married slept with someone else. Just something to keep in mind.

    As far as the vaccine. Hmmm...I'm not against all vaccines (some of them have truly saved thousands of lives). But, it is newer.

  • I haven't posted here in a LONG while, but as I also have experience in this area, I thought I would add my two cents...

    I contracted HPV in 2001 even through protected sex - as pp posts have mentioned, this particular virus doesn't follow all the rules. I got a horrible, fast acting strain that caused cervical cancer and pre-cervical cancer in both the cervical canal (adeno-carcinoma) and on the face of the cervix (commonly dyspalsia). I thankfully caught this cancer early!! It was recommended by my doctor at the time that I have a hysterectomy because of the way adeno-carcinoma works. NO WAY!! (I was only 24 and had just met my future husband - NOT the one whom I contracted the virus from as he was a good boy) I opted to go the lighter surgery route and had a cone biopsy, removing a little under half my cervix, and look to nutrition and alternative healing.

    I began eating only whole foods (did not know about RAW at this time) and started practicing Tai Chi as soon as I could following my last surgery (which I STILL practice - in fact have class in an hour :)). I also took up moderate exercise like daily walks. Though the type of cancer I had should have continued to pop up (just it's nature mixed with the supposed infinateness of the HPV virus), I have never had a re-currance!! Eight years cancer free/HPV free this past October!!

    A vaccine for a virus with too many strains to count, makes no sense to me. I fear this vaccine will make young girls feel they are invincable from the HPV virus and may engage in behavor they may choose not to had they been properly educated......

    Can RAW help to boost your immune system - YES!! Will RAW protect you from contracting an STD - NO!! Educate yourself, stay healthy and make sure you know your partner's history.....or just wait for your "one and only" ;)

    Anyway.....my two cents :)

    Mango Woman - I have tons more I can share about my specific and my 8 years cancer/HPV free.....if you want. :)

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Marie, any updates?

    ^^ Congrats bAlance! Very similar story here: too many partners (hey, it was the 80s), HPV, precancerous cells, cervical dysplasia, cone biopsy - nothing abnormal since, knock wood. It's been way over ten years.

    I am generally anti-vaccine, however I would welcome a vaccine along these lines if it worked and was risk-free. It sounds like this one isn't.

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