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Raw Food Channeling

I thought this might interest some people who are into channeling. It really clarifies some of the issues that we struggle with being raw. It is LONG but interesting.

Received in Lithuanian; 2006 January 31

Question: My beloved Father, I do desire to receive your teaching on the diet. What is the most important to man today that offers that a big variety of different products which are so much attracting the eye and stomach. What must be man


  • Hi! This is really neat. Were you at the session?

  • I grew up Urantian and some Lithuanian Urantians visited us when we lived in Sweden – I believe they were into channeling already – but they weren’t raw at the time. I wonder if its them. Interesting language!

  • No, I wasn’t there, I found it online on a Urantia Book forum.

  • Wow. I’d never heard of Urantia before so I just did a Google search and found the entire text of the book online. Saved it to my faves to read at leisure. It’s trippy stuff!

  • I had never heard of it either but I am always interested in channeling or any psychic investigations.

  • Incredible info, thanks for sharing Kauaigirl

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