Raw Food Channeling

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I thought this might interest some people who are into channeling. It really clarifies some of the issues that we struggle with being raw. It is LONG but interesting.

Received in Lithuanian; 2006 January 31

Question: My beloved Father, I do desire to receive your teaching on the diet. What is the most important to man today that offers that a big variety of different products which are so much attracting the eye and stomach. What must be manís nutrition to be healthy and be able to serve you and the creation?                                                        

Thought Adjuster: My beloved son, nutrition is a significant element to your physical vehicle so that My child could live in the bliss with the Me discovered within oneís heart. But the way the absolute majority of you do not hear My spiritual voice within you equally disregard the teachings I pass thru My children who love Me and who live Me to those who have not yet discovered Me and who do not follow the law of My love.

Your life physical vehicle is also living. Compare that body which has already run out of its energy with the one that is still using its own energy stock. And you shall see they are beyond comparison for in the first body there is no visible life movement any more for it is undergoing only the process of disintegrating-movement when the remaining matter is changing its static status. That is why it is fearful for you to remain at a disintegrating material body which does not have My life energy any more. Meanwhile, a living physical body which has the abundant resources of My energy is sound and cheerful. Here I mean not the inner spiritual cheerfulness but the cheerfulness of the physical cells which receive an energetic sustenance thru food that converts my physical energy ñ water, air, light ñ into a life-physical energy to a cell. And the more subtle is the bond of your personality with living Me the more efficient is this physical energy. Then, there do exist concord and harmony between the spirit and the body, or as you are fond of putting it there is a sound mind in a sound body.

And that is a very significant thing what kind of food is given to your physical body. The cruder the food, the more of a rough physical force and violence are used to receive it, the more harmful is its impact on your body. For you well know that My vibrations are very subtle and soft. Therefore, the food must match these high vibrations. And the closer it is to My vibrations the healthier it is to each cell of your body since every cells shows a very subtle response to these vibrations.

To receive evidence of this suffice it to have any food with different vibrations and you shall feel a big difference. If you take some fruit you shall see that they are full of juice and life energy to your body. By eating a fresh and well ripen food you experience a pleasant taste and have a feeling of bliss because of this marvelous taste. And that is the manifestation of My energy thru your taste sense while eating the fruit.

And the cruder the vibrations of one or another product the more energy is required for its assimilation by your physical vehicle. And the crudest food is the one you cook. For this way you destroy a harmonious life bond created by Me between that product which grows in nature and your own physical body, for which this, relatively, crude energy is meant.

And, yet, it is not the most harmful thing. It is a much worse food, to your body, the one that you must kill before you cook it.

Such a mechanism of butchering on the present-day Urantia has achieved that distorted form and that large scope that you have even started to specially build up the factories of mass-butchering so that some of you raise innocent animals, and others kill them to serve them for your dinner. Thus, this type of the conveyer of butchering requires even a separate planning for supplying enough of food to your table.

And all this is being done consciously and neglecting the warnings of My spiritual children that such a disharmonious use of My energy shall provoke an avalanche of both diseases, pain, and suffering that even the consequences of any war shall look insignificant. Now, you do really wage a war against yourselves and killing yourselves. Even lower animals do not do this on purpose. They kill others obeying their own instincts while you are doing it on purpose and planning it in advance and knowing that to do this is not only not good, but it is sinful. You well remember the commandments curbing your negative activity, which you are calling My ten commandments. There is one ìdo not killî among them! And that was given at the time when killing of man was such a regular thing that it was a necessity for a separate prohibition to stop it. But alongside this thing this very prohibition embraces not only saving manís life but also that of an animal. And it is not for the reason that you might justify yourselves that you are good and stopped killing but for the purpose that having felt Love for Me you do desire to live within My Love throughout the creation.

Thus, if you are My children who have felt My love within your own selves, then you shall feel this love for all My creation. My Love is reaching all its corners. There is no place in the creation that would not have My love. And equally poured out. To all. To both the creatures possessing a free will and the ones who do not have a free will but equally loved by Me. To plants and rivers, forests, mountains, and meadows, to all that I am keeping within My embrace. And no one who begins to feel My Love within oneís own self is hurt in My embrace.

Therefore, My beloved son, once man stops consuming meat of a killed animal he begins to feel Me and a bond with all the creation in a more subtle way. You can test it by yourselves. Ask any one who eats the flesh, and who does not, and you shall see that the one who eats this food shall find a thousand reasons to justify himself as to why he eats this sort of food but he shall not talk about My love to all the creatures, including animals. And the one who does not eat the flesh very soon shall start to talk about My love not only for people but also for animals.

And that testifies to a more subtle level of manís spiritual development as well as his relationship with both Me and My, and your, creation. When you begin to feel that this creation is not only Mine but equally it is yours, that the law of My love is operating thoughout the creation, then your hand shall not rise to take away life from those who are unable to defend themselves from you. And I do provide you plentiful of food to keep life in your sound physical vehicle. In your temple, which is also My temple in the flesh, for it is within this temple that I have placed My fragment, My spirit, your Thought Adjuster. Thus, do you really believe that such a behavior of killing animals would correspond to My will to sustain My temple in the flesh by killing another creature that I love exactly the way I love you?! That would totally destroy the law of My love which is valid THROUGHOUT ALL THE CREATION.

You do understand very well that contemporary sorts of wild animals that sustain themselves by killing other sorts are nothing but an evolutionary stage. And it is not a high level stage as long as there does exist fear of one sort against another. The time shall come when evolution shall move forward within the animal world as well. And predators, all the predators, shall mutate to new, but not predatory, sorts to be able to relatively peacefully co-exist in the neighborhood.

But you are of a much higher level than the whole animal world taken together beyond comparison for you have My own fragment within each of you. That is why your spiritual step is extraordinary high that shall never be achieved by any animals. You are being led personally by Me. Therefore, do you really believe that I am leading you there where the life of others must be taken away, where blood must be shed so that you get satisfied by that killed food.

I do grow healthy food for your physical vehicle. And the stronger you shall abide by My leading from within the healthier food you shall begin to consume. And then your body shall begin to feel these subtle vibrations of the physical energy that it receives directly from the live food and shall start to react by positive changes in every cell. But even here you must be consistent and devoted to Me. Now, due to your covetousness, you apply too much of chemical stimulants to increase harvests. But by this you are also wearing the soil and are not allowing it to recover. Thus, you begin to use even more fertilizers to keep the level of the harvest. This way you are sawing off the branch you are sitting on. And it does not matter that your eyes do not see these chemicals but they do effect every cell. Irrespective whether it is healthy or abnormal.

That is why you must sincerely, and not mechanically, pray before every take-in of food so that I should eliminate all the negative chemical and energetic influences and your body would receive a valuable and healthy food. Do not be afraid to submit yourselves to Me. I shall never harm any one. The more so that a daily prayer before meals shall calm you and allow your digesting system to operate better.

The present-day step of your life is full of tension and extraordinary speed that give you no benefit but harm you instead. And the sooner you begin to understand that the race speed is not My method but rather a peaceful and certain, and in-depth flowing where everything is moving, but always moving only forward, the sooner you begin to feel that your nutrition must not only be consistent but that even the very process of eating must be a peaceful and deep communion with Me.                                                                      * Question: My beloved Father, why, then, are there so many ill among those who are non-flesh eaters? The more so that science is claiming that the vegetable diet is deficient of some of the amino acids and vitamins. And this deficit can be eliminated by using the flesh food only. Meanwhile, they scare simple-minded people claiming that the vegetable food is leading to a premature death of the physical body.                                                             —-—-—-——- Thought Adjuster: My beloved son, why do you listen to those who are prematurely dying themselves while ignoring My statement that there is love only there where there is no butchering and violence, where there is no fear and striving to run away. Therefore, the food that is filled up to the very top with My love vibrations that assist your material body, in a sound environment, to produce all the amino acids and all the vitamins to the measure necessary for a sound and blissful cell of My creation love to vitally and with this same love of Mine tirelessly pulsate while serving Me and the creation.

Know it that many supposedly learned mortals are unable to comprehend very simple truths, and this one in particular, that I AM and that I bestow Myself and all the creation upon all of you with My love. Then, how can you imagine Me as the Source and Center of perfection not to see to it that each of you would have a plentiful of healthy food once having felt My love within you will refuse from killing My other creatures to replenish a material energy in your physical vehicle. In that case, I could not be the Source of Love and the Source of the Creation any more for I would turn into the source of destruction. Once again, I tell you that I am the First Source and Center of all this that is made up of My Love vibrations. I am LOVE and I do not know what it means to KILL for during eternity I have not killed a single creature, I have not destroyed anyone to please My whims. Having provided a free will I do not restrict it. Therefore, you kill others, even though being able to live healthily and happily, but feeling no restriction of your will on My part, you even start justifying your actions with the name of Jesus saying that he did eat meat and did drink wine.

What did Jesus it had just the opposite motives to yours. He was doing it for your benefit so that he would not be different from you. And that he was doing with a big pain in his heart that man at that time was at the level of an undeveloped barbarian, that instead of bathing in My light man was groping in an endless darkness. And Jesus did know perfectly well if he turned on My light too brightly he might scare away even those scarce searchers for My Truth and Love. And he made himself partake of the food consumed by the people of that age and generation. But even under these conditions he did not agree with offering a lamb to Me during the Passover explaining that I did not demand any sacrifice from My creatures but sharing the feeling of My love, within oneself, with Me and all the creation.

Thus, my beloved son, all, absolutely all amino acids and absolutely all vitamins are being produced in your body according to My vibrations which the body receives from the living food and My love. And this is a part of My plan. Be certain, the time shall arrive when man, even though a material creature, shall not need any material food, even the vegetable food, any more. Then a vital sustenance of the energetic vehicle in the material form shall be directly received from the energy circuits. And that time starts already now. Even though only very few are ready for this.

And when today those who do not use the flesh food are being accused of still taking away life from plants, the accusing ones are right. That is why My evolution foresees such a level of manís spiritual development that he could be sustained only by My living energy. And that he would receive it directly.

But as you well understand so far our path is leading thru refusing to take away life from those who move by themselves, who have very similar feelings and senses to those of yours. It is a long stage. That is why the pace is slow. But to the majority of you even these tiny steps are too huge. Therefore, move on step by step and together with Me within each of you. Lean exclusively upon Me and you shall begin to feel My love within you stronger and stronger and you shall begin to love Me and the creation more and more as well. Then, no idea shall strike your mind that you might live a single day without My love by killing at least one creature which I have created for you to share My love with after you discover it within yourselves.

The fact that those who use the vegetable food do have diseases is not because they use the vegetable food in particular but it is because they use the dead vegetable food, improperly combined, in wrong quantities, and without discovering living Me within them. Every living cell is responding in a very subtle way to any changes of environment and food. And the crude vehicle, your physical body, is not feeling this reaction for many years, for decades. And once the signals are being felt it already means that the cell itself has already undergone changes, it cannot either resist or recover by itself any more, that is why the man begins to experience a pain in his body. And he does not know how to remove it. He again grabs at the new stress forms that have been named as drugs. But the so-called drugs only kill a normal signal of pain and it is considered that the man has recovered. And the disease gets deeper since the man due to the killed signal of the pain carry on an inappropriate mode of life. The more so, that he has acquired a seeming trust in the drugs, and he believes, once he will find himself in a similar situation he shall help himself in the same manner. This circle turns into a viscous circle but it has a swamp whirl that is sucking in deeper and deeper. Therefore, to break thru this circle is unable any man be him a flesh- or non-flesh eater if he does not establish A LIVING BOND WITH ME SO THAT I WOULD TELL HIM INDIVIDUALLY HOW TO LIVE ON AND NOT BE LOST IN FEAR AND PANICS.

My all creation is a system. And the material vehicle of man is also an indispensable part of this system. Thus, to have a healthy and happy life, a mortal must BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT and begin to feel a living bond with both Me, discovered within that mortal, and the creation. And each cell is reacting to these vibrations from Me being radiated by this relationship. And it is only this that is the medicine from any disease. And it is only this treatment that every moment each cell is experiencing more and more and the pain is melting not because it has been suppressed but because the source, cause, of the sick cell is removed.

I melt all the pain and the pain of all both spiritual and physical. I am the SOURCE OF HEALTH BOTH SPIRITUAL AND PHYSICAL. And I cost you, each of you, nothing. I even save you heaps of currently used money which you, unwarily, spend on the so-called medicine and on the other so-called healthy habits. Together with Me all these needs are really transformed into a healthy living with Me and within Me. Only do not be afraid to embark upon the path to health enlightened by Me. These paths that I offer are really the most safe and trustworthy to each of you.


  • Hi! This is really neat. Were you at the session?

  • I grew up Urantian and some Lithuanian Urantians visited us when we lived in Sweden – I believe they were into channeling already – but they weren’t raw at the time. I wonder if its them. Interesting language!

  • No, I wasn’t there, I found it online on a Urantia Book forum.

  • Wow. I’d never heard of Urantia before so I just did a Google search and found the entire text of the book online. Saved it to my faves to read at leisure. It’s trippy stuff!

  • I had never heard of it either but I am always interested in channeling or any psychic investigations.

  • Incredible info, thanks for sharing Kauaigirl

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