foods on airplanes.

I am visiting Portland, Oregon and although the flight isnt going to be that long, I eat A LOT. Does anyone know the rules now on bringing food onto the airplane from outside sources?


  • I believe that you are not allowed to have any liquid on your hand bag,but food I think it is ok.I go to Brasil evry year and I bring a lot of protein bars,nuts,and fruit (but fruit only in the airport,not in the plain,at least I’ve never taken a fruit inside of the plain.) Maybe the international flights rules are different.

  • I always take fruit on the plane, just as long as it is domestic and no special rule has taken precedence in the area.

    I was just on a plane last week.

  • I just want to bring some raw crackers. I have a 2 hour layover in L.A. and just want to stay in the airport. Thus wanting food with me. Thanks for your help. I guess Ill see how it goes when I bring some raw crackers in a baggy!

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