Hi folks, I have a pretty basic question out there for you…

I know that I want to get the following appliances: Food processor Dehydrator Juicer Spiralizer

They all have very different prices and I’m not sure really, what the importance is. Each one has a place in my kitchen and each one has a seriously different value. So I’m wondering what how you prioritized (as I am not made of money and have to save up for each one at a time). My urge is to get the dehydrator first, then the spiralizer, then the juicer and then finally the f. processor. However, health tells me to get the juicer first, then the dehydrator, then the spiralizer then the f. processor. What would you do? What have you done?


  • VITA MIX!!!! You can make juices, grind nuts make nut butters, ice cream, chop veggies, warm suops and so on. I LOVE MY VITAMIX! You can always dehydrate in a warm oven or by the sunshine. I use my Vita mix many times a day, I rarly use my dehydrator, I use my fp a few times a week. I have to say I do love the spiralizer, get the one that doesnt have the cup to catch the noodles, the other one is better. Good Luck!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Absolutely the food processor. I have a dehydrator, food processor, juicer, high-speed blender, spiralizer, magic bullet, vacuum sealer, and missing the mandolin.

    The food processor is first, but the high-speed blender is a very close second. Afterall, you can’t beat making ice cream and warm creamy soups with one appliance – high-speed blender.

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