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ask me anything about the colon

i had my first colonic, and now that i’ve had time to get back to normal i thought i would share my thoughts with you guys.

originally, my husband had the appointment, and it made him feel so good that he convinced me to also have it done, right on the spot. (imagine how persuasive he must be- he got me to undress and have water shot up my bottom!)

for anyone who isn’t familiar with the procedure, here are the basics. you lay back on a table, a hose is inserted into the anus, and water flows into the colon where it will loosen any waste and debris. there’s a collection tub under your bottom, so you just release right there, on the table. i know it’s weird. some places do it differently, they have a tech there to insert the hose, and when you feel full of water they remove it so you can move your bowels, then they put it back.

i didn’t know what to expect. i watched my husband’s procedure, and despite his omnivorous tendencies, he was surprisingly clean with no mucus. towards the end of his procedure, some impacted waste began to clear out, and the tech recommended a second visit.

on the other hand, i seemed to be less clean… and i was totally shocked and mystified- at first. then i realized that the waste i was releasing was just what i had eaten that day and maybe the day before, but in less than ten minutes i was only expelling clean, clean water. (btw, i’ve been about 99% raw since last march)

so here’s my opinion. if you are new to a raw-vegan lifestyle, it will probably be worthwhile to have it done. my husband reported feeling lighter and more energetic, and had a generally more positive demeanor, even at work.

however, since i always feel rather light and energetic, i didn’t notice much of a change. in the end, i decided i won’t have it done again because it is a bit uncomfortable in more ways than one, and until my flora was restored my digestion was all wacky.

if anyone decides to go ahead and have this done, i would recommend finding a facility that uses a system called “the angel of water.” this is more user-friendly than the standard way. just take my word for it.


  • I’ve heard about these before and I and don’t really see the appeal. Colonics are an unnatural process and someone who is on a natural diet shouldn’t need to have one done in my opinion. There are no colon clinics in nature.

    I totally agree with you that people on SAD diet would benefit because they are obliviously back up. But just like all modern medicine’s, colonics seem to alleviate the symptoms and don’t address the problem.


  • I’m just a month on 100% raw, and I’m just finishing an 8-day colon cleanse. The amount of, well, crap, that has come out of my system is shocking. While our systems are “normally” set to function well and properly, the majority of people who have previously been on or are currently on a SAD diet have a lot of backed up junk in their colons. When we eat improperly, and mucous starts to line our intestines and colon, it can increase the diameter of them from a normal 1” to much larger—up to 9” in some cases. What this does is compress our inner organs, decreasing their efficiency and ability to operate well. I’ve had a colonic and while it was effective in getting out silt, it doesn’t seem to go as deep as a colon cleanse. Unless you’ve been eaten a natural diet from birth, we can’t assume that our colons are functioning optionally. :)

  • In my ashram days my teacher had us do an overnight bowel cleanse, before we started a carrot juice fast. This cleanse worked amazingly well. In the afternoon or evening fill a styrofoam coffee sized cup with psyllium husks and add enough water to make it drinkable (work fast because it thickens us very rapidly!). Drink it all down fast! That night do a 2 quart of warm water enema. Best position is on knees, bent over, then lift hips up in the air and massage the whole stomach area well. It sometimes helps if the bowel is full to first put about a cup in and release, then finish the enema. Another trick to help relax you internally is before you do the enema, press firmly along the center area of the outside of your right thigh. That meridian point will help open some internal areas, making the water enter with less resistance. The next day you will be surprised at what that psyllium husk removes! My teacher called it roto-rooter for the bowels.


  • I have a general question which might be a bit off topic..but on the subject of colon cleaning. About five years ago (I was not raw – I was veg), I had a colonoscopy. To prepare for the event, I had to do a Fleet Kit and enema which you buy at a drugstore. It is basically where you just don’t eat (you can only have a little bread or chicken at the beginning) and drink tons of clear liquids. Than you take a soda solution and lots of liquidified “stuff” comes out when you go. You do a water enema right before the procedure to flush out the rest. I have had 2 colonscopies, and 2 sigmodscopies (halfsie colonoscopies) in the last five years. So I have done the Fleet cleanse and enemas four times in the last five years.

    Just wondering if anyone knows – although,I know they are not natural- Do the Fleet Kits clean out the colon pretty good? On the monitor my colon looked pretty clean and pink. I am just wondering if my colon was really cleaned out at all and I should do a colon cleanse to get it even cleaner since I had a risk of colon cancer (I had a precancerous polyp they cut off the first time – none the for the other ones).

  • My views on colon cleanse and colonoscopies. Having had ulcerative colitis for 20 years I had my share of colon issues. The prep for the scope is a killer to our body. The good and bad bacteria are wiped out from our colon. Unfortunately some bad stuff still hangs on after all the stuff is out (e.g. yeast). This makes for a very bad situation. The stress to our body is beyond belief, plus the actual physical stress of the scope itself makes matters worse. If you know Jini Patel Thompson you can read why she recommends to never go for a colonoscopy. I don’t have the link but you can search for it yourself – it is documented in her books at least. There are cases of people getting very sick from colonoscopies due to insufficient cleaning of the scope and many other horror stories. The best thing is to avoid them. Eat a very natural raw diet that doesn’t cause damage to the colon and keeps the bacteria in balance. This will assure you of not getting polyps or other diseases. Do not believe the lies the medical establishment tells us about colonoscopies – they get about 3000 – 6000 dollars to do this 10 minute procedure, it is meant for SAD eaters and not raw eaters who watch their diet carefully.

    As for cleanses and the like, they are similar to the cleanse for prep of colonoscopy. Our colon was designed to remove waste from our body and not to have anything entering our body through it. It is completely unnatural and unneeded. A clean diet will reflourish the colon with the right mix of bacteria naturally. This along with the other essentials of a good lifestyle such as proper exercise, sufficient sunshine, sleep, and positive thinking will create the best health in the colon and all the body.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    In the master cleanse book by Stanly Burroughs he mentions that enemas are not good for the body. He also mentions that the colon cleanse only cleans the lower intestines, the water cannot go that far.

    If you want to do a cleanse, I prefer to drink a tea that is a natural laxative such as senna leaves. But please be aware no enema or laxative should be taken more than 10 consecutive days in a row because the body becomes accustomed to it and will have a hard time getting rid of waste on it’s own.

    If it works for you then do what makes you better.

  • Thanks for the advice SoCal and joesc. I was mostly wondering how similar the two are as far as getting junk out and how much junk might have gotten cleaned away when I did the Fleet. I wouldn’t do one again on my own. I have read that the colon has ducts in its walls which can also have build-up that can take a while to clean out.

    For my own situation, when I had the colonoscopy I didn’t know about raw foodism. I was just a vegetarian. I had the prodecure done because I had pain and blood in my stool. I had no idea what it was or what was wrong with me _ I was clueless about nutrition stuff. I don’t really support modern medicine but I am glad I had it done as I would probably have colon cancer today if I hadn’t. I am sure that would be ten times worse than having a colonscopy procedure. They removed a large, bleeding polyp and a small one.

    I had no risk factors for colon cancer except maybe a higher exposure to carcinogens and stress. I know my diet wasn’t the greatest at the time but the whole experience made me get into nutrition alot more. I do plan on having one last one done in about three years (if I have health insurance)just to make sure no new growth has returned but if everything is OK, I wouldn’t go back to do it again.

  • Rawvee: What kind of colon cleanse were you on?

  • the best way to clean out the colon is to mix some himilayin pink salt ( not table salt ) with some water ( i drank a gallon over an hour ) drink on an emty stomach this will flush the entire digestive track and you will feel great !

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    The salt water flush can be done with 2 teaspoon see salt and 1 quart water. It is ok to drink more water since the salt will make you thirsty. I don’t agree with the salt water flush because it makes you feel crappy when you do it.

  • ahh what a fun topic . I’ve been raw since 1991 and I have grown to trust the Hippocrates Health Institute (true non-profit health clinic) in every way. Most health gurus promoting their business don’t mention them for a reason… because they rock! And noone can own raw food as intellectual property so they don’t have to credit them. Anne Wigmore started Hippocrates in 1954 or some wicked long time ago. Followed by Victoras Kulvinskas and Brian Clement. Everyone should know these people and read their books. In short, when cleansing is needed for a SAD dieter with a disease, like cancer, they recomend self administered high colonics using a 12-15 french catheder tube purchased at a medical supply store (about $10) and a water bottle. this is followed by wheatgrass juice implants.

  • Thanks to jaymz72 and joesc for the salt water advice! this is very interesting to know because I have recently been reading about the healing properties of water and salt (the book “your bodies many cries for water”) and I have taking a little bit salt (both gray celtic and the pink – I like the pink better). I have even read that David Wolfe recommends to add some Celtic Gray to water to “charge” it. Not sure what this does exactly but it is interesting to hear the salt and water recommendations from many different places. Good thing I love salty water. :)

  • BTW happy but cleaning!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    This all makes me feel a bit scared and queasy. I can’t bear the idea of shoving a hose pipe up my butt! Good luck to you all courageous souls who are going for it though!You are braver than I will ever be.

    I am taking the chicken’s way out, and am saving up for an Ejuva cleanse. You take different herbs over the course of a month, and decrease your food intake until you are fasting during the last week and just have the herbs. A whole load of evil black rubbery mucoid plaque hose comes out of you…can’t wait! Cleans the small intestine, the part which colonics cannot reach. And gets rid of parasites.

  • Hi Queenfluff, if you have had polyps it is very important to get a colonoscopy and/or fecal occult blood test done once a year. Good news though, there is such thing as a “virtual colonoscopy.” It’s done by introducing air into the colon then pictures are taken with a CT scan (nothing toxic needs to be ingested).... Raw food has unparalleled healing properties (and by adhering to a raw foods diet you are decreasing many risks and related factors to colon cancer) but it’s not a cure-all.

    Where are all these extremist views on western medicine coming from? Can we as raw fooders really not find a balance? I understand the frustrations but the “all or nothing” attitudes are often destructive. Need an example just look at the travesty with modern medicine.

  • I did my first colonics 7 years ago,and than I didn’t stop doing it.Even my husbund went to see what made me so impressed. I did a lot of enemas also with my veggie juice fast,that was great. Now I do yoga,skin brushing,and a lot of belly exercise (kind of belly dancing type) and that is great for colon cleanse.Matt Monarch talks a lot of this in his book Raw Spirit,and on the raw vegan radio,he spoke about that topic. Ah!A lot of plum water (soak the plum overnight and drink the water in the morning). Another great think is to put clay in the water also.

  • Thanks so much papermadehoudini! Hmm, I haven’t heard of the “virtual colonoscopy” – sounds interesting. I’ll definately look into that for when I go next. Do you still need to clean out your colon? I am assuming if they see something you would still need to have the regular colonoscopy done so they can snip off anything they find.

    Ah, more air! The worse thing about the colonoscopy is the stomach pain from how much air gets built up in your stomach after you have it done. :) Takes the whole day and a ton of water to get rid of it!

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