Newbie Raw Foodie :D

Yes, corny title, I know. Its early.

I’m currently transitioning into raw food… I had my first raw food cuisine at Pure Food and Wine in NYC and I never want to go back to cooked food. Nothing since then tastes quite the same. I can’t enjoy cooked food anymore because it FEELS dead to me. I get almost nothing out of it. I love cooking too so it was kind of upsetting at first. :( But its fun experimenting and I love everything I’ve made so far! I’m also getting a dehydrator for my birthday (a really late present), so, yay for me. :D

Oh, right. My name is Katelyn. I live in New Jersey on a nice little family farm. Its really heaven on earth <3>

So hello everyone, I’m so glad to be a part of this community, and I can’t wait to make some good food!


  • Hi Katie! It always helps to start this kind of hobby around your birthday- that’s what I did! Recently I made the thousand island dressing at my parents. It helps to buy the sundried tomatoes that are already chopped\ mushy. My mom “doesn’t even like tomatoes” and they’re not into anything “not normal” if you know what I mean. So I was choping vegetables for the salad and had the really thick giant bowl of “dressing” on the counter surrounded by chopped vegetables and my dad came over and sat at the counter and put the golf game on the little tv in there. Then he got curious and started eating the “dip” and ate half of the bowl! There was a bunch left after dinner and I left the bowl in their fridge and my mom said she ate the rest of the bowl the next day. All I said about it was that it was a non dairy version of thousand island with lots of veges in it. So it can be fun to get people into some of the stuff too- especially ehen they don’t really know it! Welcome!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Katie, Lovely to meet you! Your doggie looks so gorgeous. Have you heard about feeding raw meat and bones to pets? We feed our cat 100% raw and he looks like a body builder and is never ever sick, or has fleas. You are so lucky to be able to go to those cool new york retraunts. Have you heard of “Quintessance”? They have got amazing looking food on their website!

  • I have heard about feeding raw meat and bones to my pets… I am in the process of switching from dry to stewed meat and vegetables (I tried feeding raw meat and bones but they wouldn’t touch the bones but they did like the meat). Its mostly a money issue for me, not being able to feed it to them all the time at the moment… but I try to give them the best as much as possible. I’ve read about feeding raw but the site I went to (it was for ferrets) recommends feeding raw meat and different supplements to mimic their actual diet in the wild. Since I can’t just feed them mice and rabbits and stuff, I figure I probably need the supplements, and I can’t afford them right now. I’m skeptical too because my ferrets don’t eat it all at once… but I should probably try raw with my dog and cat. Also, if I cut up raw meat ahead of time, will it keep in the fridge? The stew keeps for a while but I’d like to switch to raw.

    Okay, tangent. Sorry if that wasn’t coherent. x.x;

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Quintessance but I’ll check it out. :D

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