Hey all


I’m partially going RAW….. meaning for part of the year I will be RAW REcently I was put on a RAW food diet to lose weight, where the first week is veges and fruits and the 2-5th weeks are just vege Juices. I started of fine but when I was running out of ideas I thought that there must be tons of RAW foods sites up now. When I came to this site I was amazed at the amount of recipes. SO right now, I’m thinking of making my own dehydrator ( I live in the tropics, so I got alll the sun and heat I need than rather rely upon electricity).

I’ve been of the diet for a couple of days, but I’m starting afresh tomorrow, armed with alll these jummy recipes from this site to try.

Other than dieting, I usually ‘fast’ from alcohol and meat for 2-3 months a year for religious reasons. SO I was thinking that I can make fast , a fast from cooked food totally for these months.

Sorry to say I wont stay on the RAW diet on a permanent basis, but I will come back to it time and time again. I remember sometime while in university and Watermelons were in season, there was this one guy in market that sold these amazing melons. I ate NOTHING but these melons for two whole weeks. Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and I was actually sad to have to give it up because there was no more.

So once I get into it, I think I will naturally get more raw stuff over time.


  • Hi Fini,and welcome ! It took me 3 years to start eating raw,it is a process.if you don’t want to be completly raw,that’s fine,but eat as much raw food as you can.

  • Yeah thats gonna happen for sure, but it takes discipline.

    Its so easy to grab something out of the cupboard to eat, as opposed to going into town for fresh veges.Like yesterday afternoon, I was really tired after coming home from work, I kind of fell asleep and got up after 6pm, so I had to rush down into town to get stuff to eat.

    I know there will be days when running out to get something from the market wont be possible, so I have to make sure that I always have something in the fridge to eat. And since I’m in the very hot tropics, some stuff dont last as long as I would like. Avacados, once ripe they HAVE to be eaten, can’t wait or forget to have them the next day. BUt This site solved that problem, Avocado as the base of smoothies and puddings is a godsend.

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