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I just joined and am eager to try some of the delicious sounding recipes I’m finding. My body has been having some challenges and even though I’m 67, I’ve decided that I need to make some changes and adding a lot more raw food to my diet is a first step. From what I can see looking at the recipes on the net, breakfast and lunch will be easy; but it’s the dinners that I will need to experiment on a lot. My husband is a meat eater and I don’t think he’d be too enthused about a raw diet, so I’ll have to find things I can cook for both of us that he would like and not spend all day in the kitchen. Does anyone have a recipe for lemon herb and tahini herb salad dressing. I saw them listed in a cookbook”Raw Food Made Easy”; but it will takes days for my little local library to order it in. The idea of eating fresh, live food is very appealing and now that spring is so near, I’m revising my kitchen garden space to include a lot more leafy greens so I can add green smoothies to my daily diet regime.



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    welcome welcome!

  • Green smoothies are what helped me go raw. I have one every morning for breakfast. When I first started going raw I ate only raw food until dinner then slowly incorporated more raw dinners until I was totally raw.

    Hope your raw journey goes well. And you pottery looks beautiful!


  • Thanks James! I think I’ll love those smoothies. I always liked my banana/protein breakfast drink; and I love fruit and vegetables. My mind is already wandering with ideas for recipes. I think a salad of slivered jicama and fresh orange segments and sweet onion with some dried cherries would be pretty on top of a mesclun mix with a citrus honey ginger vinaigrette might be nice. I’d probably add some thin sliced almonds to that as well. I’m going to have fun when we go grocery shopping tomorrow! :-)


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    Dear June.hello! i just joined and i am amazed at you being 67 and trying raw. i am almost 55…so i am amazed at myself.i always see the younger people who are raw and they are all so young and beautiful.so i guess we can put ourslefs in this catagory.well-maybe a bit older but beautiful.hee hee. i see from the un-cookbook u ordered-i will have to look for it.it sounds like a good one.what lead u to raw?mine was alot of health issues.my hubby is the same. i got a spiral slicer and make the zucchini noodles and put sun dried tomatoe sauce over it and had raw corn onthe cob with avocado butter and carrot/apple/kale juice and he ate the avocado seperate from the corn on the cob and ate the corn after asking if we can cook it.then he would not even touch the zucchini noodles or the sauce.it was our first raw meal together.well-all i can do in introduce things here and there.he seems to be open to the juices i make.oh-your jimica salad sound heavenly.good luck to you and this is fun.

  • I’m not totally raw at this point. There’s still a fridge loaded with food, but I’m eating more raw. I had my first green smoothie for lunch and my husband also had it and said “that’s not bad”! From my ashram days I got used to raw oats. In fact, they’d taste good mixed with raisins, raisin juice, almond cream and a touch of cinnamon – kind of tastes like rice pudding. I either have that or a fruit salad with almond cream, or carrots juice with some veggies added. It’s the dinners that will be a bit of a problem since my husband is definitely not up to a raw diet, let alone a full vegetarian menu. :-( With summer coming it will be very easy for me to eat raw. I used to make a raw tomato, garlic, basil sauce to go over raw shredded zucchini that I put on hot pasta. It was a great summer dish. I figure I can maybe do a raw version substituting raw spaghetti squash for the cooked pasta. My aim is to not make a religion of it and to not deny myself, especially when we go out to eat.

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    thats fine, but the more you eat raw the more you crave raw :) I believe that what you are doing is correct by not restricting and easing your self into more raw foods. :)

  • Welcome and best to your raw endeavors.

    a kiss and a wink, ml

  • Hi June. How are you? Nice to meet/talk with you. Thanks for your tips from travel,very nice. I believe this is the recipe from “Raw food made easy by Jennifer Cornbleet that you want to know:Tahini Lemon Dressing 1/2 cup raw tahini 1/3 cup water 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon crushed garlic (1 glove) 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin 1/4 teaspoon salt Dash cayenne 1 tablespoon minced fresh parsley Place the tahini,water,lemon juice,garlic,cumin, salt,and cayenne in a blender and process until smooth. Add the parsley and pulse briefly,just to mix.Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator,and it will keep for 5 days.

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