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Has anyone had the Essure procedure done? It’s a permanent BC procedure in which nickle springs are placed in the fallopian tubes. Scar tissue forms around them and in 3 months you’re fully protected from pregnancy.I’ve been on the pill forever and thought that this may be a good option—any opinions?


  • I have a question?? How exactly did they tell you, you start forming scar tissue?? I would think that they’d have to scratch or cut the tubes to get them to form scar tissue around the springs.. maybe I’m wrong. However I wouldn’t trust ANY birth controls 100% because I knew of 2 women who had their tubes tied even and STILL got pregnant.. how’s that for a guarentee?? Also I’m not sure how toxic it might be having nickle stay long-term in your body like that.. That might be something to look into.. Good luck whatever you may choose.. K-Mom

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    Hi Sydney,

    I am avery open minded person and think people need to do what they need to do in this respect- so I can se the advantages but I personally wouldn’t want to do it. It seems really invasive. My momther and I have both had complications with surgerys so after the fact I wouldn’t recommend anyone having any surgery unless extremely necessary. My mom had a tummy tuck and got an infection for a year, had to have a tube put in, finally went to another Dr. who found out that she had something left inside of her from the surgery. She had to go back in for surgery. It was really horrible.

    I have a huge scar that I shouldn’t have. They made an incision and didn’t use stitches! They put a piece of tape over it which I was allergic to and a huge blister formed etc. I had pain for a year and it turns out all I really needed was some antibiotics! I should have pursued it but I didn’t want them to touch me again. I never did get stitches!

    Over 100,000 people die from hospital procedures evey year- from unrelated infection etc. My mom is lucky to be alive from what they did to her. So normally I would say go for it but hospital staff have become really careless – and you are putting yourself in a place where there are all kinds of germs you could catch.

  • Thanks for the input.You both brought up excellent points that have been lingering in the back of my head. The idea of nickle is the one that really worries me. OK,I think I’ll try something else.

    Are there any herbal/holistic forms of BC that anyone has tried?

  • I am pretty sure that nickel is bad for you. I remember a few years ago when nickel free jewelry was a big deal. Google it.

  • Thanks,I will.

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