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Raw Almonds

Any clues on how to get actually raw almonds here in the U.S. of A.? I sure don’t want to give up my almonds.


  • I always buy organic raw almonds at the grocery store in their natural foods department.

  • How when as of Sept 1 there are no “raw” almonds anymore. Unless they are leftovers prior to 9/1.

  • The only thing I have heard is that I have to go directly to an almond farm. Even to sell really raw almonds online is illegal? How long do they have to be blanched before their vitality leaves them? I read that they are being steamed at 120 degrees. Waaaah.

  • Try www.Organicpastures.com for really raw almonds. They are not cheap but maybe if you split an order with a friend? I seem to recall another organic farmer who was bucking this ruling too. I’ll try and locate that site for you.

  • Do you care whether or not they are grown in the USA? If not, buy the raw European grown ones if you can find them. The California ones will be pasteurized as of Sept 1 (they will still say “raw” )

    And oh, most of the pasteurization is being done with chemicals – most places that wanted to do the heat pasteurized couldn’t get the equipment in time (heat is more expensive than chemical).

    Here is the online site that is still selling raw unpasteurized almonds.


    Yes, you will have to go directly to a farm to buy them in hand if you want unpasteurized which means a farm in California. Any stores that are selling them to consumers have to have them pasteurized before being able to legally sell them.

  • Check out www.realrawfood.com for unheated/un-chemical almonds as well.And isn’t it just ridiculous how orwellian this whole almond pasteurization fiasco is? Good grief its probably more likely that a person could be run over by a garbage truck than die of salmonella poisoning from a funky almond. Actually now that I think about it I’m more likely to keel over from asphyxiation from a chemically treated and oh so legal ‘raw’ cashew ! Arg.

  • Thanks so much…I’ll be looking at all these sites and trying to figure out what to do. It is a ridiculous step in the wrong direction, this pasturization thing.

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