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Why All the Detail When Adding Ingredients to a Recipe??

As the “programmer” around here, I realize it may seem like kind of a hassle to have to enter four pieces of information for each and every recipe ingredient (units, measurement, ingredient, and preparation). And I’ve noticed a few folks skipping that section completely, and writing their ingredients in the recipe description. Let me kindly, gently, lovingly offer you several reasons not to do this:

  1. Now that we have a recipe box feature, we’ll be adding a feature to make a “shopping list” from your recipe box. Very cool – but it will only work if the ingredients are filled in correctly.
  2. We’ve talked about adding nutrition information, and even pictures, of some of the more exotic items. Again, these need to be entered as ingredients, so that the system can have some idea of where to look for the food item names.
  3. Eventually, we want to add a “portion multiplier” feature – which lets you say “I want to triple this recipe” – and the system will do it for you. Very cool!
  4. Finally, someday we may add a search function that lets you find all recipes with a particular ingredient that you’re just dying to use. As you may suspect, this also requires that the ingredients for a recipe be entered correctly.

We’ve tried to make it easy to enter the recipe ingredients using that form, but if there’s any way we can make it easier on everybody, do let us know! We’re taking this route, even though it’s tougher on me to program, and more work to enter a recipe, because eventually there will be all sorts of cool features that it gives us.

So when you’ve got a second, it would be great if you could double-check that you’ve entered your ingredients correctly. Do it for the team! Yay!


  • One other thing I should mention, related to this. If you’re having trouble getting the title to work on a recipe, let us know. Usually, this means you’re using an older or non-standard web browser. Gone Raw works with Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Internet Explorer version 6 or greater. If you’re not using one of these browsers, that’s most likely your problem.

    If you’re using Windows, we very highly recommend you use Firefox anyway. It’s much nicer than Internet Explorer, and safer too!

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Super! That sounds like a great feature, the shopping list will be fantastic and the portion multiplier and search function will be fabulous! Looking forward to it.

    I like it when people put down specific measurements. I definitely appreciate measurements in everybody’s recipes…I am not that good at “guessing” what amount to add, plus I can always alter it afterwards. It’s helpful to know how much people do use in their recipe, even if they are “estimating” 1 Tablespoon, which would be way better than me “guessing” that somebody used 1 cup :)

  • hi ray! the new features that are in the works sound really helpful. also, just because your post gives me the opportunity to do so, thank-you so very much for all your hard work that has gone into creating this site. i have been 99.9% raw for the last nine months which has transformed my life in so many ways…unfortunately,the only other person i know who follows a raw diet moved across the country from me six months ago. Your website has helped me to gain insight, knowledge, and a sense of a like-minded connection. thank-you…peace, pass it on

  • Hi. I’d like to say the same. Thanks Ray and Kandace for putting this together! It is so user friendly!

    If it’s possible it would be neat to have a feature that emails a person whenever a post is made to a forum you are watching or to one of your specific recipes.

    Also it would be neat if the recipes added up the calories and nutrients per serving. That would probably be super difficult to integrate. But it’s just an idea!

    Thanks again for everything!

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    I’d like to suggest that people include how many people the recipe will serve. That information is usually left out, and it would be helpful.

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Hey Ray,

    Any hints or tips on adding the photo’s to recipes? I’ve tried so many times now I’ve lost count. The pic is only 776 so not over size limit.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    wait, clr, you said your pic is 776 KB? That’s oversize. I think it can only be 500k. But mine was only 50k, and it won’t post. sigh

  • KhaasLadkiKhaasLadki Raw Newbie

    I agree with writeeternity about the emailing when someone replies to a watched post/recipe; and also the calories and nutrients in the recipes! Right now I’ve been using another site for adding the nutritional info up, but it’d be great to have them all on one site!

    Also, I’ve been trying to post a new recipe and it won’t publish! I added all the ingredients, typed up a description and instructions, clicked publish and then save, and it erases my directions and description (but leaves the ingredients) and it won’t publish it! What is going on with that?

    Thanks for any help and ya’ll have been doing a great job with the site so far! Good luck!

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Thanks Ray, new features sound great, you truly are the raw-recipie-master!!!

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