How to stay on a Raw Diet?

deer4deer4 Raw Newbie

HI! I am not new to raw. I love it! But it is very hard to stick with it. I have a hubby and 2 kids.

Short history... I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last February. I have migraines associated with food. I have many allergies and food sensitivities. Along with sensitivities to otc pain relievers and preservatives. If I even have one corn tortilla my blood sugar spikes over 200. This happens with oats as well. With my gluten sensitivities, I tried gluten free, still my sugar spikes. So, between the diabetes and food sensitivities, my diet is VERY very narrow. I had 3 gluten free chocolate chip cookies and my sugar spiked to 230!

The raw diet has always kept my blood sugar around 100. How do I stay on the raw diet? I can eat cooked fish and chicken, I guess making it 80% raw diet. But how??? How can I stay on this diet? I hate medicines. I dont want to take pills. I dont want to inject insulin. I went to dinner with hubby and daughter and I had a dinner roll. I feel horrible about it. I did my after meal blood sugar. It was 139. Not horrible, but still high. I feel bad for eating it. And because of the gluten...its going to cause me some discomfort. I keep telling myself, dont eat it. I remind myself of the consequences, but it makes it into my mouth.

I weigh 222 lbs. I have lost about 10 lbs. I would like to be about 150 lbs. A size 10 is what I am happy with.

This past year has not been easy for me. Between the diabetes, antibiotic allergies, pain reliever allergies, too many food allergies to count, my heart issue that needs a second look (long story involving fbi), the intestinal bleeding, the tumor found on my adrenal gland, I am spent.  I need this diet for my health. For me. I am just having a heck of a time sticking to it. How do I do it?


Also, does anyone have a replacement they use for bananas? I am allergic to them. Thank you!


  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    That does sound like a rough year. 2016 is going to have to be awesome in comparison to make up for it, which is totally doable in my humble opinion. What parts of keeping a raw diet are you finding to be the most difficult? Maybe we can come up with some ideas to tackle those first. 

    I remember seeing a thread around here before the discussed banana substitutes for recipes. I think some of the answers were mango and avocado, depending on the type of recipe. I wish I could remember what else they suggested. 

  • deer4deer4 Raw Newbie

    I am finding it difficult to make something that everyone can eat. Hubby wants rice...I cant have rice, if its there...Ill eat it. Ill make chicken with a raw side dish...everyone stares at it. I get a look. I feel bad, I give in. Then I feel bad for giving in...and then eating it. There are certain things that they will eat raw, but not many. Then I tried to cook a lean meat ( i cant digest red meat and I am allergic to pork, so it limits the meats I can eat) and a cooked veggie. I still get that look. And those words "thats it?" I am trying. I am trying everything. What am i missing? How can I accomplish this? How can I stick to the raw diet and still satisfy my families tummy? Do they not understand that if I keep eating what they eat its going to make me sicker? I have said for several years that i cant keep eating like this. Why the power struggle with food? I really really hate it.

  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master


    It can be hard when your family isn't supportive frown Have you sat them down and talked to them about it?

    Can they cook for themselves on some nights? It might not seem so tiring to make two separate meals if you don't have to do it all by yourself every time. You also may be less likely to indulge in the rice and other foods if you don't have to be around while they are cooking. I know I'm always "testing" foods to see if they're done when I'm in the kitchen. It's just something we chefs do, even us raw ones. 

  • deer4deer4 Raw Newbie

    There are times when I feel like they dont take it as seriously. The other night they wanted to go to jimmy johns. I cant eat anything on their menu. I tried the unwich a while back and got nauseated and diarrhea. I felt bad, because I had to remind them that I couldnt have it. I kinda feel like "what am I supposed to everyone else eat it?". And then I also feel like I am taking something away from them that they enjoy. Its not a power struggle, I dont know what to call it. Trying to find a common ground?

    The raw diet I love. My digestion goes back to normal. My sugar stays at a normal level. My body doesnt hurt. My migraines and headaches go away. I find preparing the foods, some hours in advance, to take quite a bit of time. And by the time the food is ready, I am in the mood for something else.

    Then the ingredients. I am allergic to many many foods. Trying to find a substitute for some of the ingredients is hard. I end up getting frustrated.

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