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hi- i am newish to raw eating. i had alot of health issues and was on all kinds of medications.i went raw and am off all of them and have lost 67 pounds since oct.18th of 2006.i have been buying things to help me do the raw thing.un-cookbooks and a spiral slicer and a mandolin slicer.i already got a champion juicer from a yard sale for 35$.i have a little food dryer. i am so looking forward to summer and growning my own veggies and fruit.i want to grow and dry my own sun dried tomatoes.i want to grow green beans. i read that green beans are sprayed with 60 different kinds of pesticides.agh!!i have gotten some interesting un cookbooks. i got the raw one by it.the complete book of in the raw gourmet.rainbow green-live foods.and eat smart,eat raw by kate wood.i read and study them to help me understand and learn.this has been an interesting trip.i thought it would be easy to be raw. i did not know aobut omega’s or hemp powder or anything.well thanks so much for having me.rae-dean


  • Welcome to Gone Raw, great to have you here!

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    thank u so much ray.i am going to love this site. i can tell.have a great day.rae-dean

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Wow, congratulations on all the wonderful changes so far. I know that getting off a bunch of medications can be difficult, but it sounds as though you are really doing well! I’ll have to share your story with a few family members that are on the same road right now.

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    kandace-please be my guest.i got off meds and am walking.i could barely get up fact we had to sell our old 101 yr old house in oregon city.too many stairs.i feel good. now mind u-i am not a size3x anymore but long from thin.from now-i have gotten into a size 18.i walked today over 10,000 steps which i am told is 5 miles.the rains finally stopped for me to get a walk in.thanks for the nice welcome.

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