Hurray! NO more swelling!

Hi everyone! Just to let you know that my swelling is gone, YEAY! And although my BP is staying at the high end of normal it isn’t causing problems so the Dr. is letting me go till the baby decideds to come. Only one week left till I’m “normal” again (cerclage is taken out) so we’re thinking I have about 10-14 days till we have our daughter, on the outside.

I do have a question to the moms out there.. when you were pregnant, especially towards the end did you have dreams about the birth of your child? and how close were they to reality?? I don’t think I’m nuts but I am wondering if it’s a good sign? Hum.. Take care and thanks to everyone who’s given me support and advice.. it was more appreciated than you know. K-Mom


  • congrats, and you go girl!!!take care of yourself!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Wonderful news KurdishMom! Once that cerclage comes out, I’m sure your sweet baby girl will be soon to follow! I had dreams about the birth of my daughter throughout my pregnancy. I always felt that it was my mind/body/spirit practicing for the big day. I wish you a quick labor and birth with little discomfort.

    Be Blessed and let us know when baby is born!

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