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Young coconuts

GabeGabe Raw Newbie

I went shopping today at my local health food store. Where I found young coconut juice in a box, it said the nutritional value on protein and fat where zero O0oo, I was wondering if this was correct.


  • I don’t know about the nutritional value Gabe, but boxed juice usually isn’t raw. Is the box labeled as raw? I don’t know how much of a concern that is I just thought I’d let you know.


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Yeah fresh coconut water has no fat or protein. (maybe trace amounts that are not significant) But it is loaded with nutrients and can act like a gatorade for vegan athletes. Now I’m talking about the water from the young green ones, not the mature ones. Im not sure if it makes a difference. If you do decide to buy boxed coconut water, make sure it is packed in a tetra pack which preserves the water very well.


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    It’s probably been pasturised if it’s in a box…it is cheaper and definately alive when still in it’s shell. Go to an aisian food market and get some, they’re gorgeous and the flesh is lovely too. Can blend it with water and make samosa wrappers, mmmm

  • GabeGabe Raw Newbie

    Samosa wrappers never tried them before do I just dehydrate the mixture.

  • PamPam

    I bought some frozen young coconut juice at an Asian store. The nutritional info lists 2 grams of fat and 1 gram of protein per cup. I called the distributor listed on the container to see if it is raw. I talked to 4 people and no one really knew. The manufacturer is in Thailand so I guess I’m not going to get a definitive answer. I guess I think it’s raw. If it’s not, then why freeze it? If they heated it, wouldn’t it be easier to just ship in a juice box or can than frozen. It sure TASTES fresh!

  • The problem with the young Thai coconuts that arrive in the USA have all been dipped in formaldehyde due to legal requirements from the customs and ag dept. Possibly they have been irradiated as well. If you have them on occasion it is not a big deal but if you consume them regularly you might be causing problems to your health.

  • DO NOT USE BOXED FRUIT OR JUICE THAT COMES IN A CARTON . unless your eating it just for the taste , dont expect any health benefits from these products. in order to get any real benefit from juice it has to be fresh squeezed also not just any juicer will do for real benefit you need a juicer like the marathon juicer or greenlife/greenstar juicer there has been alot of research on this and is proven

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