Bad Living...but I'm Back...

So for the past week to ten days, life has been chaotic, to say the least. I have completely fallen away from eating, and I have felt mostly like crap. And I couldn’t figure out why! I have been crabby, puffy, all I want is chocolate…so I mostly haven’t been eating much of anything…at work I have been sticking to salads and whatever… But then yesterday I got my period! Now, for you gals out there that get your period on a regular basis, this is no big deal…but I haven’t had a period since February as I have PCOS. I am OVERJOYED about this! I mean, I hate having my period, of course, but man, I always feel renewed when it’s all done. Plus, I woke up this morning and I feel ready to get raw again! Plus, it means I’m not sick nor could it be the raw food thing not working out for me…it was just plain ‘ol PMS getting to me, which I have heard will diminish when I get more into raw foodism. Yay! Also, I read Matthew Monarch’s book “Raw Spirit” and I’m getting the hubster to read it and I loved it…my husband thinks it’s okay – at least he thinks it makes sense.

So, in other words…I’m back! Yay!


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Congrat’s! I have also been dealing with horrible cravings for 2 wks or so which I unfortunately gave into. Lot’s of ice cream, pizza and chocolate (Yikes!) I’ve gained at least 8 Lbs. of fluid and my whole body just aches. Yesterday the cravings let up to a controllable level. I counted back and this should be the time for my period but nothing yet. I don’t have PCOS but in the last year and a half I’ve only had 3 regular periods and those were the last 3 months. I think I just may be perimenopausal. It is so great to wake up and finally feellike you are craving the good foods, isn’t it? Welcome Back!

  • Hi Here is some info on chocolate. There is definitely a correlation with it and female hormones but I haven’t found anything specific written on it yet.

    Chocolate contains theobromine and a small amount of caffeine, both being stimulants and members

    of the methylxanthine family. It increases alertness and theobromine can be toxic or even lethal to domestic animals such as dogs, cats, parrots, horses and other animals as a result of affecting their kidneys, heart, and central nervous system.

    Another rarely mentioned concern – particularly for young children – are the high Lead concentrations in manufactured cocoa and chocolate products, which, according to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA, 2000), are one of the highest reported for all food items.

    Cocoa products also contain stimulants such as phenylethylamine, which have an anti-depressant and

    amphetamine-like effect; they contain pharmacological substances such as n-acetylethanolamines that

    are related to cannabis (marijuana), and they have compounds that stimulate the brain to release an opiate-like substance called anandamide. When drugs are used to block the brain’s opiate receptors, the desire for chocolate (and other sweet and fatty foods) disappears – confirming the addictive nature of these types of foods.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    So chocoholic is definitely an appropriate term! That’s really interesting info. I knew it had stimulatory effects,but not about the opiate receptors. No wonder the “gotta get it NOW” feeling is so strong. The only way I would have been able to resist these past 2 weeks is if I had been tied to a chair! I had always heard that magnesium also was a driving force behind these cravings to some degree because I have also been eating walnuts like crazy. Today, I could care less if I had them. Weird. Thanks for the input, Writeeternity, you always have such great info.

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