Dr. Doug Graham in Socal!

Doug Graham, the author of the 80/10/10 Diet and many other extraordinary books is in the Southern California area this week. Tonight he is speaking at Terra Bella restaurant in Redondo Beach. The rest of the schedule is here:


I just realised the above link might not take you to the right place. To get there click on Upcoming Events on the right side of the page and then change the month of the calendar to September. This will get you to the correct page.

Scroll down for the dates and locations. He will be at Cilantro Live next week in San Diego (Lemon Grove and Carlsbad). If anyone really cares about their health and isn’t just looking for the latest fad diet then these presentations are for you.


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I read his book, “80/10/10” a couple of weeks ago and I’m following the diet. I have difficulty eating enough calories and I only weigh 110 pounds! A three course dinner is too much for me. 3 lbs of watermelon for breakfast sends me to the bathroom 10 times before lunch! This is an extremely liquid diet, lots of juicy fruits. His concept of eating dehydrated foods and pate’s with nuts goes against most of the recipes posted here. I do agree with his concept though and I’m working towards following it completely. I still include green Superfood for the B vitamins and spirulina, but I no longer take individual vitamins or minerals (I haven’t for a long time since I learned about isolated/fractionated vitamins and the damage they can cause). Dr. Graham is a good speaker. I heard him on The Raw Summit. Natural Hygiene is the diet of choice for me.

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