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Yesterday I went on a little adventure to Fresh Market, and I got really excited in the midst of organic produce. What can I say? I starting buying yummy looking greens that I’ve never tried before, one of them being mustard greens.

I tried making a salad today, thinking I was really clever for making a sweet dressing (“honey” mustard, get it?) Anyhow, I tried some, and I almost cried.

It was sooo spicey! Spicier than a habanero. It’s sad because I’d really like to incorporate more greens into my diet, and mustard greens are so beautiful, but it doesn’t look like I can handle the spiciness. Does anyone have any ideas to make them more palatable? Should I maranate them??

Thanks in advance!!

With love, Odalys


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    What about using a little with lettuce on some uncooked bread (or ezekiel bread if you are ok with that) on a sandwich or wrap? I grew them last year and I don’t recall them being that spicy, but different areas produce different results. Before I started this raw effort I would saute up sausage , onions, cauliflower, garlic and red pepper flakes and mix in the mustard greens at the end after I had blanched them for 2 to 3 min. If you are not against a little cooking, you could try a short steam. You could also use it in a green smoothie, again, mixed with milder greens like romaine or another lettuce, or spinach. Sorry to ramble and I hope this helps!

  • m00nchilem00nchile Raw Newbie

    Hummm… How about trying them in a savory (gazpacho like) green smoothy. You might try a tomato and cucumber base and them add your herbs and mustard greens to taste. Herbs options might include garlic, chives, basil, parsley etc. When adding your mustard greens, be careful and add them according to how much spice you can take (personally, I like it spicey!!) and let them replace any jalapeno or cayenne that you might add. Last, season with a couple tablespoons of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a few pinches of salt or nama shoyu if you prefer.

  • Hi Odalys! I feel your pain! You could add a small amount of it chopped to flax crackers or breakfast scramble. I have eaten them cooked but not raw- so I admit I don’t know what I am talking about from an experience point of view, but since you have it try to experiment and let us know! My next suggestion would be to try

  • I think its strong enough that I will use it as a “spice” deborahann – sauteeing it with onions an garlic sounds SO yummy, but I’m trying to keep to raw. That’s why I think its extra difficult to find a way to prepare it… cooking would do the trick.

    m00nchile – I could try to add it to a tomato soup, it would give it a spicey peppery taste, good idea! It would make up for the soup being cold. :P

    writeeternity – lol, I’ve been wanting to try the broccoli salad recipe for some time. I finally got some cashews! Just need to stop by and get some broccoli and I’ll be making it this week. I’ll probably use the mustard greens instead of the onions. Thanks for the tip!

  • Use them in your green smoothies. You will still be able to taste a little spicyness (is that a word?), but the fruit will over power it for the most part.

  • writeeternity – you were so right! I tried using the mustard greens in the broccoli salad (was careful when adding the onions, didn’t want to kill myself :P) and it was an amazing, slightly spicy, sweet, crisp, creamy, it was gooooood. Mmmmm…

    But, I still have plenty of mustard greens left, so I’m still in the process of experimenting. Looks like I’m having a smoothie tonight :o) I’m starting to get along with mustard greens. I wonder how many more “strange” greens I can learn to love.

  • you can try a couple of tablespoons agave,some lime juice,avocado,sea salt and mix that with the greens for a creamy dressing..add some refreshing mint or basil..

  • Hi Odalys! I’m so glad that worked out for you! Did you add broccoli and turnip greens or only turnip greens?

    Have you tried massaging them with sesame oil and ripping them into pieces and adding a little garlic, ginger, jicama cut like water chestnuts, cucumber, grated carrot and red pepper? That would be ny next suggestion. You could also put them in omshantis spinach quiche recipe.

    I have been meaning to try this but I’m not at home right now but taking certain greens dipping them in a marinade and rolling them up and securing them with a toothpick and dehydrating them. I’d make them only about an inch wide so when they were done you could throw a whole bunch of them in a bowl and eat them. I tried just dehydrating kale and collards flat and they turned out good but would disintegrate too easily so I was going to try to make something more bite size and a little more durable possibly for dipping. Insert a thin slice of red pepper kind of like a pimento.

    Sounds like you are very adventurous! It would also be nice to have some dried and stored in a jar for later use. That way you can have some in the winter!

  • shele24shele24 Raw Newbie

    Try mixing them & tear very small. Try this recipe… I love it.

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