if we put recipes on this site…do they have to be what we have made up or can they be ones we have tried from cookbooks?thanks so much.


  • Make em up! I did ;)

  • While it’s a no-no to post recipes verbatim from a cookbook, and best if you’ve made up your own, you can certainly post recipes inspired by other recipes. It seems like a lot of folks find their own voice pretty quickly once they start trying out all of the different recipes on here, and soon want to contribute their own!

  • thank u ray. i am new to raw foodism.i know i will eventually start making up recipes. right now i am into the see what i need to be doing.thanks

  • Ray is right on here. We wouldn’t want recipes posted verbatim from books without permission. If there is a particular published recipe that you’d like to share, make sure to ask the author first and give them credit for the recipe. Take a look at these recipes for examples of posting published recipes (with permission):

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