Nauseous from dehydrator?

abigailmabigailm Raw Newbie

Hi everyone! I am new to going raw, i have been a vegetarian since 12, now vegan. I bought a harvest maid dehydrator from a nice older woman on craigslist. The dehydrator works fine, but everytime i run it, i get really nauseous from the smells, like heartburn and feelings of vomit at once.. i tried different things in the dehydrator, fruit soaked in lemon, seed crackers, flavored veggies, but everything i put in there i have to throw out because i feel like i am going to vomit just thinking about those smells... the most i could bare so far was some dehydrated banana, but i threw out most of them. Also, anything that doesnt have flavor or smell is fine, like nut flours after making nut milk or coconut flour. When i bake things on alow temperature in the oven, i dont have a problem, though i rarely dehydrate in the oven because of energy waste andtemperatures above 200. Does anyone knowwhat this problem could be? It is a horrible experience and i am giving up hope on dehydrated foods. 


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Could it be from what was dehydrated in it before? When I had a used dehydrator I had to get out the screwdriver and clean everything, even below the vents.  

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