Please VOTEfor my raw cake in a contest!

Pax_LimlirielPax_Limliriel Raw Newbie

Hi there! I've been around this site since it was goneraw, but only recently joined the community, and this is going to be my first post. I hate to self-promote on my first post, but this is a really special request:


I entered a cake bake-off competition... With my very first RAW VEGAN cake! Mine is obviously the only raw vegan cake, and I think the only vegan one as well ♥


Voting is open until the 19th, and I'd appreciate your support!

My cake is currently right on top of the page, it's pink and green (beet and spirulina), and called the Raw Vegan Vanilla-Coconut Cake with Raw Vegan Vanilla-Rose Buttercream Frosting & Strawberries. (and it's the ONLY raw vegan cake, LOL)


The theme of the contest is KINDNESS & BRAVERY, which I think I represented well with a raw vegan cake made with local ingredients - kindness & bravery are kind of the core of being a raw vegan, in my opinion! ♥ This cake is not only my first raw vegan cake, but also my first time making frosting ever, and my first time ever decorating a cake as well!


So please help support a truly KIND cake in a great competition hosted by a great foundation, and vote for my cake! ♥ Thank you so much!




  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I like the idea of a raw cake among the rest. smile

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