Juicing and NutriBullet

angela193angela193 Raw Newbie

Hi All!!


I'm new to all of this....I just got a juicer last weekend and a NutriBullet this weekend.  What is the best way to lose weight utilizing both?  The way I was thinking of doing this was NutriBullet for breakfast and juicing for dinner with a healthy lunch in between. 


My overall goal is weight loss.  I had a bad car accident 3 years ago that injured my back. As I exercised less and continued to eat not so great the weight began to come on as it never previously had.


Thank you for any assistance!  :)





  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master


    That sounds like a good plan. smile

    Don't forget to add some healthy snacks into the mix, otherwise the unhealthy ones will try to find their way in. 


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