What to I do if my grandma pushes cooked food on me?

tryingtorawtryingtoraw Raw Newbie
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Ever since I went vegan, my grandma has slowly removed meats from her dishes (something I am very grateful for), but almost 100% of the time they are cooked foods. It bothers me because I don't want to say no to her work, but I also don't want to be pressured to eat something I don't want. The thing is I want to be able to say no to her cooked food, especially since recently my stomach has been hurting after eating raw then cooked foods- but I can't. I feel like a bad person, and she also gets upset at me. Being vegan socially is very hard, and now I am finding raw harder. Any motivation/advice to help me stay on the fully raw train?

Also, should I just tell her I want to be raw? Because she is going to want to know why I am turning down her food. I want to tell her, like I want to tell everyone else, but their reactions might hurt me.


  • Harmony1Harmony1 Raw Superstar

    That's a tough one. Grandmas can have some pretty set meals in my experience. Mine has been making the same raviolis for decades. 


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