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RinRin Raw Newbie

Hello everyone. I'm a newbie here, just looking for a support system. I can't seem to find much of that here in person. I'm 27, and a mother of two.

I'm in the National Guard, and will be leaving for my annual training in a month. I've been vegan for over a year, but have gained a lot of weight; enough that I am one pound shy of failing my weight in. I've been slacking on my health, and have been eating lots of packaged and frozen vegan foods, lots of breads and fats; comfort foods mainly.

I'm going to be trying out this raw thing for as long as I can, it's just super hard in my living environment. My husband eats SAD along with our 6 year old son, and my daughter who is 2 is mostly vegan, but sometimes vegetarian. She's never had meat before.


In the past I would go vegetarian so I wouldn't starve myself at AT; I just couldn't eat anything at all that they fed us, and if I begged for a vegan dish, I got iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing (I'm serious). They just don't get it.

So I'm looking for advice, support, anything that will help me live the proper healthy lifestyle that I know I need to be living while serving my country. It is extremely important now that I'm trying to go active duty. This will be my daily life.


A little note: I mostly eat mono meals when having a raw meal. I don't have a ton of time to prepare meals, and I don't have a dehydrator (yet).


Thanks everyone!





  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Hi Rin,

    I hope you find some answers! Are you able to bring some of your own food with you?

  • RinRin Raw Newbie
    I am allowed to bring my own food. The problem is, we travel for two weeks straight, so I won't have a fridge.
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