Howdy all, My name is Paul


I am pleased to have come across this website, I've yet explored it, though it seems to be exactly what i was hoping to find.

I am a vegan and newly a raw foodist, I live in wiltshire, and I enjoy health.

In the past I have struggled with many addictions. 

Now, Raw food and goood health practices have saved my life.

Though I have felt quite alone where i am whilst walking this path.


I hope we can have many happy chats and much fun can be had and accomplishments achieved.

Thank you for reading.



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    Hi Paul. Welcome to our little community! I love that being vegan has been such a positive thing for you smile 


  • dorothycdorothyc Raw Newbie
    edited August 2016

    Hello Paul... I am a vegan and my cousin

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