I am going to start my Raw food journey soon, any diet suggestions?

priyankaspriyankas Raw Newbie

I am vegetarian but i do not like to eat green vegetables. I love potato , rice and Indian spicy food. I have thyroid and PCOS , so I have to lose weight to become healthy,any diet tips?


  • paulstapletonpaulstapleton Raw Newbie

    Hi I'm new to raw food aswell, i guess my tip would be, make it fun! enjoy the consciousness of food; where it comes from, how it delights the senses, the preparation process, getting fancy and everything else that a food connoisseur might enjoy.
    I say this because i tried to just eat raw vegetables as they are, which is a great experience, yet quite boring and involves incredible amounts of chewing, my jaw was knackered within a few carrots, lol.

    good luck!

  • carlahaileycarlahailey Raw Newbie
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    Hi there! First of all I would like congratulate you for joining our community wink

    If you're beginner in raw diet, I can recommend you to start from next food: citrus fruits (it's good to make different salads), sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds, coconut kefir, standard raw veggies of course like carrots, celery, peppers, tomatoes, etc., watermelon and cantaloupe. Also I recommend you to use olive and coconut oil, because it is more healthy than sunflow oils. 

    Spend some time to check interesting recipes with these ingredients on this community. Also I can recommend you to check this article (maybe you will find some interesting food for you). 

    Other important advice: make a meal schedule for the week in your pocket notebook. It this way you can make a list of interesting and more varied products without forgetting about them. Moreover, you can add time necessary for cooking one or the other dish and use your free time efficiently. 

    Hope my answer will be useful for you. Good luck! smile

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