Relapsing, the story of my life... but i'm so good at it.

paulstapletonpaulstapleton Raw Newbie

Addiction has been a major part of my life, and mainly to the bad stuff. 

So i can say i have been doing addiction correctly! no half measures here, hah!

Anyway transitioning to a raw diet from a vegan diet is much like any transition for me; fizz to water, smoking to fresh air, pork to no pork, no pork to vegetarian, vegetarian to vegan, hardcore drugs to natural drugs, natural drugs to soberity. (and others!)

A reaccuriing theme has been the transitionary phase, (which works both ways, but lets focus on the transitions out of hell, rather than into it)

and during the transition phases, I would start a new habit, or several, and it would be for the better, yet often uncomfortable and strange and affected by other areas and tranistions currently happening in my life, so...... i would have relapses of a little 'indulgent' torture here and a bit of 'delectible' suffering there, and each time i would make progress!

every rebound was like a child pushing the limits of his parents, and testing the reprecussions of reality, or something like that...

needless to say, i fail correctly! and admitting how great i am at failing right, allows me to learn right, because focusing on what i am doing right, even doing wrong right, is empowering and attracts more rightedness into my life, where as before i would attract more wrongedness by focusing on the wrong!


Currently, I have gone 1 day raw, 1 relapse, a struggle back in, 2 days raw, 1 relapse, and now I have just been nigh on 3 days raw and tonight i caved in and had like 2 packets of crisps and some fries and 3 bits of toast and some cooked beetroot! dam!!!!!!!! mind you i have been drinking strong coffee's which have fried my brain quite some! so coffee is leaving me aswell. bye coffee.  ^^

So why am i typing this?

As a reminder to myself and perhaps some inspiration to others, that, no matter what may seem like a set back, it is merely progression, taking it's time, to get to a really good place.

So, lord almighty, hallelujah, thank the love of life, for every moment is a blessing!

Take care, good luck.

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