Loss of libido (male) :(

yag92_yag92_ Raw Newbie

I want to discuss something embarrassing... Before I went raw I was eating sweet potatoes and beans and my libido was low already (also lost body weight), before that I ate a small amount of meat daily, and greasy food, but I had very high libido (I masturbated three times a day, I had sex two to three times a week, i would become aroused looking at pornography and I flirted a lot with women, and they showed interest in me as well). But now, not masturbated for a year (about the time I became vegan to raw vegan), I can look at pornography but not get an erection and the only thing i want to do is to sleep or eat, or walk outside... I eat around 2500-3000 calories a day, from fruit mostly. Lately i ate dark chocolate and was horny all day, ejaculated two times, and then thought, hey this feels good and I feel so happy now, slept better, better digestion, better eyesight (after orgasm) but load that came out was not much :(

I can eat more fats but I get pancreas problems if I eat too much fat because I have fat malabsorption... I wonder what I should do :(

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