Trying to cure eczema, 80/10/10 detox too strong??

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Hello All,

REEEEEALLY hope someone has been in this position and can help! all advice welcome! :-)

I've been moderate to fully raw for the last few years, trying to cure my skin of lifelong eczema. When I was a kid my doctors loaded me up with steroid creams and pills for about 15 years so there is a LOT of junk in my system at this point I think. Lifestyle and dietary changes have succeeded in some ways; I have been OFF ALL steroid creams, however mild, for about six years now. I can go for two - three years with no outbreaks at all. I am a Natural Hygiene student and live very 'clean' i.e. no chemicals, soaps, hormones, etc. I've been 80/10/10 since end of August, I had a bad skin flare up that lasted about three or four weeks where I had a few bad patches of skin, (TMI maybe) oozing horrifically and I was also insomniac for the full duration of this outbreak. I wasn't even tired. I dealt with it with sunbeds every day ( I live in the west of ireland, the lack of sunshine here is a biiiiig problem, so this is my only option unfortunately), not washing my skin, and basically trying to sleep through the worst of it. That healed up, I continued 80/10/10, and here I am again with a bad outbreak. Healing crisis perhaps but this severe? Am I one of the people who must go a lot slower perhaps?? I stick with 80/10/10 but I do usually have some sort of cooked, oil-free vegan dinner in the evening. i.e. sweet potato baked in oven with avocado or oil free hummus...homemade veggie soup with JUST vegetables (no oil or seasonings), Or sometimes I just gently warm up mushrooms for the salad. I am at a total loss at what to do next. I know some would say to stick with what I am doing as it's obviously working but at this rate I can't wear clothes or move as it's so painful so it's become too debilitating to continue at this rate of detoxification.

Higher fat intake perhaps? I do not want to take supplements so whole foods my only option.

Can I just say: I envy people whose healing crisis or detox symptoms consist of a headache or lethargy. . . I would swap with you anyday!! :-) 

Thanks guys x



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    Are you dealing with insomnia again? That, more than anything, is what affects my skin the most. No sleep = nightmare skin. 

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    I am indeed but only in the midst of a healing crisis does it appear. I normally sleep no problems. If I have a flare up as a result of detox I just DON'T get tired. I should put it to good use and get things done! :-)
    I normally go to a medical herbalist with questions and she gave me a little mix to help the adrenal function; I am hoping this will help.

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    CBD oil should be your solution %100! I highly recommend it! For you ideally the cbd balm for applying to skin, has been known to completey cure and get rid of psoriasis etc.. I recommend you get cbd brothers cbd balm, I use their products myself and they are good natural organic quality, unlike some of the cbd products on the market that are not quite the real deal! :D Give it a go and im sure you will be happy with it :D All the best!  :D Vegan based capsules aswell etc but deffo get the balm for skin.

  • Oh and also, helps with insomnia :D


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    Sounds like you are toxic for sure. Just eliminating those foods depending on how long you have consumed dairy and gluten as well as other allergens and several other factors that make you toxic like the products you put in and on your body, food you eat, toxins you are exposed to, GMO's and more. 

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