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Did anyone else see the Discovery Health episode last night called “Truth about food”? It discussed eating 4 cloves of raw garlic a day eliminating ED & heart disease. A tidbit on that is if you suffer from ED you will more than likely suffer from a Heart attack in 3 months.

How fiber increases poos and eliminates constipation. When passing gas there are 2 major types;methane=good gas, not smelly and hydrosulfide=bad gas, smelly. This depends on your bacteria in your gut.

They also did a study of 9 men & women putting them on a 12 day “evolution diet” raw basically. After the 12th day as a whole their Blood pressures lowered back to normal, cholesterol went down 23%, insulin levels lowered, sat fats down 1/3 and sodium down. Let’s hear it for raw—-yeah!!!


  • That’s really cool shele24. I didn’t see it but that’s good to know that information supporting a healthy\ evolutionary diet is out there!

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Raw is what we were meant to eat. I know that statement always starts controversies amongst non raw individuals, so I will be safe and just say it here :)

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I believe it was Discovery or channel like that that had a show on last year called “Honey, were killing the kids”. It profiled families who were on the worst form of the SAD and aged the children via computer to see how they would look when hey were 40. I only saw 1 episode and my jaw was on the floor the whole time! The mother had never really been through the produce section, their kids didn’t know what half of the most common pieces of produce were and the only fruit or veggie the nutritionist found in their house was the wooden apples on the kitchen wall! They removed an entire garbage bag (Lg size) full of candy and junk food from the house when they started. Amazing that people can function like that.

  • I would love to see that “Truth About Food” show.

    The show “Honey, We’re Killing the Kids” still comes on Discovery Health Channel. It really amazes me that people have no clue what an avocado or blueberries are?! The families profiled are truly oblivious to everything – like why does cookies and pizza all day long hurt us? Oh my

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