Yang and Yin foods.

I have lower back pain and went to an acupuncturist and was told I am Yin deficient.  He recommended I avoid fried foods and hot foods.

I am trying to find out which foods are Yin and which ones are Yang but the information is confusing. Googling Yang and Yin foods I saw all these charts but the problem is a lot of them are contradictory. In one chart they had eggplant under both Extreme Yang and Extreme Yin. There were many other foods that were listed under Yang in one place and Yin in another place.

Where can I find reliable information about this?

Could it be that a food can be Yang for some people and Yin for others ?



  • paulinekpaulinek Raw Newbie

    While in massage school we learned a little about Yin and Yang foods etc. From what I remember high watery content foods are considered "cool' Yin foods. Such as fruits, melons, eggplant, watery vegetables like cucumber. An accupuncturist or holistic doctor that specializes in Eastern medicine could help you.

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